October Mathletics Master Class

We are excited to announce our October Mathletics Master Class recipient – Mariette Jacek, Grade 4 teacher École St. Gerard French Immersion School.oct master

School: Mariette Jacek, Grade 4 teacher , École St. Gerard French Immersion School, Saskatoon,Saskatchewan.

Teacher: Grade 4

We were thrilled to learn how Mme. Jacek has implemented Mathletics into her Grade 4 classroom. She incorporates Mathletics into students’ daily routines in a variety of ways both in school and at home. Read on to learn how Mme. Jacek uses Mathletics in her classroom and encourages students to challenge themselves with Mathletics at home. Mme. Jacek received a Mathletics license for each student in her grade 4 classroom in May of 2013. She never missed an opportunity to share with parents the benefits of mathematics practice using Mathletics. Communication with parents always included a line regarding Mathletics use and user names and passwords were sent in report card comments.

“I created math pouches filled with dice, cards, and game ideas to encourage parents to have fun with their child and practice their math skills daily. Mathletics became a part of the collaboration between parents and school to achieve the same goals.”

In an effort to keep the students engaged and practicing their math skills over the summer,  Greater Saskatoon Catholic Schools held a Summer Challenge.  Students were encouraged to set certificate goals and continue using math over the summer in fun and innovating ways.

One of Mme. Jacek student’s, Rouel Pacheco took the Greater Saskatoon Catholic Schools Summer Mathletics Challenge to the next level in the summer of 2014.

“This grade 4 student had challenged himself to score 1500 points daily in the summer of 2013 and having achieved that goal he further challenged himself to score 3500 points each day in the summer of 2014! Rouel was awarded numerous gold, silver and  bronze certificates. He is the Greater Saskatoon Catholic School Division Top Master Student of the Summer Challenge. Congratulations Rouel!”

With Mme. Jacek’s guidance and encouragement, her students continue to challenge themselves and improve their math skills.

Thank you to for sharing Mme. Jacek! Keep up the good work Rouel Pacheco!

A  big thank you and congratulations to Greater Saskatoon Catholic School’s.  You  continue to amaze the Mathletics team with all your hard work and  accomplishments!

Keep on learning and sharing your love for math!


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