With the middle of the school year fast approaching, mid-year reporting is undoubtedly on the mind of most teachers. During this time, teachers are required to make an on-balance judgement as to what level of achievement their students have demonstrated. Therefore, teachers must take into account the curriculum content taught and assessed at that point in the year. With the new ABC Reading Eggs Australian Curriculum document, teachers are able to quickly and easily identify which areas of the curriculum have been covered; easing the stress of mid-year reporting.

Mid-year reporting: Australian Curriculum

ABC Reading Eggs Curriculum Alignment Document

In the Australian Curriculum: English, the three strands of Language, Literature and Literacy are interrelated and inform and support each other. While the amount of time devoted to each strand may vary, each strand is of equal importance and each focuses on developing skills in listening, speaking, reading, viewing, writing and creating. Often teachers combine aspects of the strands in different ways to provide students with learning experiences that meet their needs and interests.

Keeping this in mind, it can be difficult for teachers to precisely know which areas of the curriculum they have covered in the first semester of the year. Through using the new Reading Eggs Australian Curriculum document, teachers can identify exactly which curriculum strands their students have addressed, assisting teachers to provide curriculum-aligned feedback in the mid-year reports.

This new document aligns each Reading Eggs lesson to both the Australian Curriculum content descriptions, and the NSW syllabus outcomes. In addition, teachers are able to identify the phonics, letters & sounds, phonically decodable words, vocabulary words and high frequency words that each lesson contain.

Access this document through the 3P Learning training portal and ease the strain of mid-year reporting with this new tool from Reading Eggs.


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