December Mathletics Masterclass

The Mathletics Team Learning from Dr. Marian Small


At Mathletics we believe in continuing our team’s  professional development and expanding our knowledge base.  This enables the Mathletics team to share relevant and innovative ideas regarding math education.

In November, the Mathletics team had the opportunity to spend the day with Dr. Marian Small. She is truly a wealth of knowledge and an expert in math education. The team was able to ask Dr. Small questions and engage in meaningful conversations.

Take a look at the teams key learnings from the day:marian small master class

  • Math can be just as scary for teachers as students. As a teacher, you ask your students to take risks every day, so you should too.
  • When teachers use open-ended questions, it’s better to make them their own. It creates an authentic experience for students.
  • Work with your colleagues. Collaborate. Supporting and sharing ideas helps you grow.
  • It’s never too late to adopt new ideas or methodologies in your classroom.  Grow always.

Thanks again to Dr. Marian Small for taking the time to share your knowledge and passion with the Mathletics team.

“We really do Love Learning”

The Mathletics Team