Halsnead Community Primary School in Merseyside recently held a Mathletics Poster Competition, where children had to design a poster to promote the Mathletics website. A member of the Mathletics staff, Mr Lee, kindly judged the competition. Below are the results and what the judge had to say:
In third place was Bethany R from Year 3:
“Bethany’ s entry jumped out at me straight away as it was bright and colourful she has 3 certificates in the middle of the screen which is what we think it is important for pupils to earn on a regular basis. She also highlighted the Mathletes and Computers/ICT without which, there would be no Mathletics for students to play on!”
In second place was Jade A from Year 6:
“I was very impressed with Jade’s poster. One of the things that we love about the program is that it can bring pupils together from all across the world playing on Live Mathletics and her use of flags positioned around the world shows this perfectly. I also liked the way that she added the 5 different levels which made it seem like you were looking at it as part of the program as well as a poster!”
In First place was Casey R, also from Year 6:
“Casey’s poster was the winner, it is simple yet extremely colourful and eye catching. Casey uses symbols and images to highlight what Mathletics is all about and also uses short phrases or words to suggest exactly what the
program does. This made me think of the BETT show at the London Olympia, where we recently exhibited, where a lot of the companies use posters and advertising in a similar way!”

Winning Student, Casey R, with her prize

As well as picking our winners Mr Lee added, I also wanted to make a quick reference to Elle J and add that we thought that her quote below was absolutely fantastic (maybe a future career in advertising!)
‘Mathletics is good to get your brain up and running’

Congratulations to all students who took part!