How can Mathletics Certification impact teaching and learning in your class or in your school?

When we asked Mathletics teachers to tell us how their class or school has been impacted by Mathletics Certification from a teaching and learning perspective, they didn’t hold back.  For some, Certification provides Mathletics insight and relevance, and for others skills and expertise.  Whether you see Certification as a checklist, a pathway or PD recognition, we thank all teachers for their generosity in sharing their views with the Mathletics community.  Got any questions? Email

Here’s what they had to say:

  • By running through the criteria for certification, I’ve been able to utilise Mathletics in a more meaningful way than I had been. This has had a positive impact on both my teaching and my students’ understanding. KP, VIC
  • I can see how expertise spirals as you complete each certificate and this would give each teacher far greater insight into the program and enhance their use of Mathletics. For my staff as a whole, there would be great benefits too. MB, QLD
  • The Certification process has driven me to explore the Mathletics curriculum in more detail to enhance my knowledge of numeracy teaching and the progress of my students. RP, WA
  • This certification process has allowed me to reflect on my teaching process with the use of Mathletics. It allowed me to see how I was using Mathletics in my classroom and the areas I could improve on. It allowed me to expand my use of Mathletics in the classroom enabling the students to get the maximum learning during our Maths lessons. The checklist was easy to follow and gave clear ideas on how to achieve each standard. AO, VIC
  • Undertaking the certification process has reminded me of many of the extras that Mathletics has to offer. I am able to generate different activties for differnet groups of students based on their needs and am able to use the wide variety of resources (ebooks) to consoldiate my students learning. I find these of extra benefit as they’re directly linked to the Australian Curriculum. This year, I have been able to set assessments for students that have generated reports for myself so that I am better able to focus their learning and know what areas I need to recover. The use of the student view is beneficial as it allows me to clearly demonstrate to students when I notice that they are all having difficulty with a series of questions. I am learning more about the teacher tool kit and am beginning to see how I can incorporate this into my planning to better teach basic skills. CL, WA
  • Working towards my Certification prompted me to go through the areas and functions of Mathletics I previously hadn’t explored. SC, QLD
  • The Lead Educator Self-assessment grid and tips for success provided a constructive checklist that identifies the best ways to use Mathletics productively as a teacher in order to cater for all students. By ensuring that I address each of the indicators, my maths program is precise, scaffolded and structured, meeting the needs of individual students. All students in my class have indicated that they enjoy the interactive participation, visual demonstrations, supported environment and results show they are able to achieve success working in programs at their level. For students who do not find mathematics easy, it has made positive contributions to building their self-confidence in mathematics, thereby encouraging engagement and further participation. For very capable students, they have enjoyed the challenges of tackling mathematics at a higher level. For the student’s working at their year level, although they find the new concepts difficult at first, the teacher demonstrations and practice questions we complete together has proven to be very beneficial in developing their understanding and skills in mathematics. TR, WA
  • It gives me validation to know what I am doing is on the right track to provide a variety of activities in mathematics for my students and professional Learnimg for staff to get the most out of the Mathletics experience. MP, NSW
  • The certification process opened my eyes to facets of Mathletics that I wasn’t aware of, but have made the teaching process so much simpler. DFB, QLD
  • Given me confidence to share what I do with the school community. KK, QLD
  • Having certification will prompt/show other teachers how Mathletics is a valuable tool to assist students to extend their maths knowledge. Doing this process has made me think about how I use Mathetics and whether it is being be utilised in my classroom. I have reflected on how to continue and change how I use Mathletics. I am aiming to teach other teachers how to set tasks, consider grade level students need to be set at and how to use eBooks as a teaching and assessment tool. PH, VIC
  • It has helped me reflect on my teaching and consider how I use the resources available as part of an overall mathematics program. JT, VIC
  • I have talked to my students about this being one of my learning goals and how together we can achieve this. They are aware of what goals I need to cover and if we don’t tick off the checklist, I learn about how to do that before moving on to the next level of certification. VIC
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