Mathletics AudioBeing online is great.

Being online means that each time you log into Mathletics you get the most up to date version. Some days you get something brand new. Today is one of those days.

Lots of teachers tell us that their students love Mathletics, but sometimes the younger ones may struggle while they are developing their reading skills. Wouldn’t it be great if questions could be read aloud to students? Alongside our friends at iSpeech, we are excited to announce that from today curriculum activities for younger students now include audio! 

Mathletics AudioAccessing the new Mathletics audio is really simple! Audio is available for curriculum activities in the first four grades/year levels of all Mathletics national default courses (for example K-3 in the USA/Canada, R-3 in the UK and 1-4 in New Zealand).

All activities that are audio-enabled (excluding Are You Ready & Test sections) now feature a small audio symbol below the question number. To hear the audio, students simply need to hover their mouse over the question text (it will “glow”, indicating audio is available), and click.

Audio is available within the Mathletics curriculum question area and also the related Support area.


We are really excited to launch audio for younger students across Mathletics, making it easier for early readers to access the resource. We hope you enjoy “the voice of Mathletics” – let us know what you think!