February is the month of love; spreading it, sharing it and expressing it. Which is why we, at 3P Learning want to take the time to share why we love our jobs. Check out what some of the 3P Learning Canada team members have said below!


“I want to make a difference in this world. I know how important math is to all learners.  Math is a life skill and we can help all students to learn math in a proven and safe environment.  Students can learn at their own pace and become confident in their abilities.  My goal is to reach as many Canadian teachers and students to help them achieve success.”- Rene Burke, CEO


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“Stimulating the minds of children and helping them learn is a challenging task that constantly requires new ideas and a fresh outlook. Mathletics is exactly that platform that is not just an educational online resource but, at the same time and interactive and fun program for the students. 3P has given me that opportunity to connect with an industry that molds our future and I am excited to be a part of this change. “– Payal Agarwal, Success Manager


“The company as a whole is innovative and truly is working towards a common goal, of bringing learning to every child…in both the developed and under developed parts of the world. This connection to UNICEF holds a very special part for me and I am privileged to be working with a team with such core values. I look forward to many more years of growth.” –Jane Blythe, Success Manager


“The enthusiasm, optimism, dedication and ownership of the program among Mathletics schools, continues to be my favourite part of the job.” – Chris Cannon, Regional Manager


“My career at 3P learning allows me to help children believe that they can succeed. If I can make even one child feel like I have helped them, supported them, or cheered them on, then I have been truly successful.”- Courtney Davis, Regional Manager


“During the initial training it’s my job to get everyone up and running with confidence–but somewhere in that session a light goes on. It happens when teachers realize how much Mathletics can really do, both for them and for their students. And when that happens I see and hear the excitement in the room – that  “Oh, awesome!” moment – and it’s a moment full of possibilities.”- Simon Ware, Success Manager


“I was reluctant to apply to teacher’s college. Part of the job would be teaching math- a very intimidating subject for me. Ever since elementary school, my confidence in math was low. How was I supposed to share a love of math to my students when the word alone made me shudder? To try and overcome my fear, I even participated in a week long math bootcamp for pre-service teachers. Needless to say, I succumbed to the fact that it would be a life-long battle.

Fast forward to a year later, teaching grade 6 students in Calgary, I was introduced to Mathletics. Not only were my students excited about math with Mathletics, for the first time I felt confident in my math teaching. I could connect with my students through their love of games and technology, while being able to reinforce concepts from the Alberta program of studies in a meaningful way.

If I’m able to help another teacher feel good about their math teaching, my mission is complete.”- Erin Priddle, Regional Manager

So this February, we want to say thank you to all the teachers and students for being the reason we love coming into work every day.

How do you plan to spread the love this February? Feel free to comment in the section below!

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