3P Learning is excited to be involved in a partnership with Australia’s national science agency, CSIRO.

The 3D Online Education partnership is bringing together computer scientists from CSIRO and science education experts from 3P Learning, to develop ‘immersive learning’ environments which mirror real-life places.

Using CSIRO’s latest laser scanning technology, Zebedee, the two teams are transforming the ways in which students experience science.

This revolutionary technology enables high definition panoramic videos and 3D models of real-life places to be digitally simulated into online platforms. Together with CSIRO, IntoScience is using this technology to develop virtual, interactive environments to enable students across Australia to explore real-life locations from their home or classroom.

“Imagine walking beneath the dense canopy of the Daintree rainforest, understanding the forces holding up the Sydney Harbour Bridge or exploring the life found amongst the elaborate underground structures of the Jenolan Caves.”

CSIRO Research Leader Professor, Jay Guo

These online environments not only provide students with an authentic learning experience, but also serve to digitally preserve these locations for future generations.

Funded by the Australian government, this partnership is evolving the student learning experience beyond the static textbook. Together with CSIRO, we are changing the landscape of science education in Australia, engaging students in a unique and interactive way.

“We’re expanding IntoScience to include highly engaging real-life environments which meet teacher curriculum and student engagement needs.”

3P Learning Managing Director, Tim Power