January Mathletics Master Class of the Month


We are pleased to announce that our January Mathletics Master Class of the Month is Mrs. Braybrook’s class at River Valley School in Sundre, AB.  We were impressed by the creative ways Mrs. Braybrook inspires the love of learning math with her grade 3 class! Read on to get some great ideas for your classroom.

School: River Valley School, Sundre, Alberta

Class: Grade 3

Teacher: Mrs. BraybrookMaster Class - January2

“My grade 3 class at River Valley School in Sundre, Alberta participated in the trial of Mathletics in the spring of 2013.  I collected feedback from parents through a survey about their thoughts on how Mathletics was engaging their child in math and contributing to their math success.  I also surveyed the students about how they enjoyed it as well as how it was helping them learn math.  The support was overwhelming from both students and parents—they wanted to see the subscription to Mathletics continue.  I talked to the students about the cost and told them that we would need to persuade our principal that paying for the Mathletics subscription would benefit their math learning.  So, every student wrote a letter to the principal to try to persuade him to pay for us to continue our subscription.  Thankfully, he agreed!  And now, all of the students in grade 3 at our school have subscriptions, as part of a yearlong pilot project on using this website as part of our instructional strategies in math.  We use it in a variety of ways—classroom demonstration, review, as a whole class in the computer lab, in small groups and some students take it further and use it at home as well.  It has been wonderful to have a tool that is based on our curriculum and integrates technology.  A huge shout out to the Mathletics gang!”

Thanks for sharing your great ideas, Mrs. Braybrook! We love your creativity.

Check out Mrs. Braybrook’s blog for even more great ideas!

If you would like to be featured as our Mathletics Master Class of the month, read on to find out how you could be one too.


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