Explore the world up close with IntoScience and learn how to use a compound light microscope. Master this virtual microscope and everything becomes clear!

The IntoScience ‘Introduction to microscopes’ activity allows students to explore the world of microscopy. Students investigate the different parts of the compound light microscope, learning about the field of view, how to prepare a wet mount slide and how to calculate magnification. Students are able to apply their knowledge in a practical manner through using a virtual microscope to learn how to view and focus slides at different levels of magnification.

The key learning points summarised in the lesson guide are mapped to the Years 7 & 8 Australian Science Curriculum and the various activities serve to develop student inquiry skills.

Teachers are provided with detailed lesson guides which lead them through the various activities, providing insightful commentary to optimise the teaching and learning experience.  The downloadable and printable lesson guides include all the answers as well as suggestions for further exploration of the topic.

IntoScience also offers useful student worksheets, which act as a supplementary learning resource to aid student understanding.

With a variety of fun and challenging activities, students can be sure to gain a well-rounded understanding of this exciting topic.



Want more? Check out this walk-through video of the ‘Introduction to Microscopes’ activity: