At IntoScience, we are constantly working behind the scenes to bring students and teachers the best possible science resource we can.

In saying that, we would like to announce that IntoScience version 1.8 is now live.

As part of the new release, we have replaced our existing Food Webs and Food Chains with a more comprehensive Ecosystems topic containing 7 interactive activities. Additionally, we have developed a range of new teacher walkthroughs, updated worksheets and added new lesson guides.

New topic: Ecosystems

There’s plenty to be excited about with IntoScience’s new Ecosystems topic. Check out the range of activities it includes:

  • Levels of ecology

    Defining layers of an ecosystem, from organisms to biosphere.

  • Abiotic or biotic

    Explore the living and non-living components of an ecosystem.

  • Photosynthesis

    Learn how plants absorb light, water and carbon dioxide to produce glucose.

  • Respiration

    Learn how organisms release energy from glucose.

  • Energy in food chains

    Understand how energy flows through levels of a food chain.

  • Classifying consumers

    Describe the roles of organisms within trophic levels of a food chain.

  • Strange relationships

    Explore other examples of interdependence between living things.

New/Updated: Teacher Resources

  • Walkthroughs

    Found under printable resources in the teacher centre, IntoScience’s new walkthroughs provide you with a simple, visual description of each activity.

    They include details of the actions required (e.g drag & drop, free text etc.), the page’s purpose, suggested answers, positions of inquiry points through the activity and suggested talking points/extension tasks.

  • Updated worksheets

    IntoScience’s printable worksheets have been redesigned to enable more ‘thinking’ space and are now easier to copy. You’ll also be able to find answer sheets online.

  • New lesson guides

    New lesson guides are now available for download as part of the 1.8 release.

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