Mapped to the Australian Curriculum, IntoScience makes teaching and learning an interactive and innovative experience.  

Hosting over 100 activities, simulations and experiments for each elaboration, students and teachers are able to guide their way through the Science Curriculum using IntoScience. IntoScience brings the curriculum to life, as students are able to:

  • Experience being an astrophotographer and take photographs of the phases of the moon;
  • Investigate different cell types as cytologists;
  • Create their own solar system to explore the effects of gravity and so much more.
  • With each topic presenting students with practical and inquiry based activities, students are challenged to think for themselves whilst enjoying the rich visual and multimedia elements of IntoScience.

    More Info on Curriculum Content

    Curriculum Example:  Cell Explorer 

    As a part of Cell Explorer, students are trained as cytologists to study the structure and function of cells.

    • Students investigate the structure of four cell types: prokaryotic, plant, animal and fungi cells.
    • Students explore the function of the various cell components.
    • Students are required to re-construct different types of cells to consolidate their understanding.
    • Students are required to take part in interactive activities and quizzes in order to progress to the next focus area in the topic.  The inclusion of mid and end challenges ensures that students are actively learning and provides students with an opportunity to identify any problem areas.

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