Hot on the heels of our latest update, we are pleased to announce that a brand new release of IntoScience (version 1.7) is now live!

We’ve been working hard with our users to identify how to make the product easier to learn, navigate and use. We’ve been focused strongly on the experience of helping a teacher to “learn it in a lunchtime”. This new release brings two major updates to the resource to meet those aims…

A brand new Student Console interface

Following on from the well-received update to the IntoScience Teacher Console, now it’s the students’ turn! A fresh new look and feel is now paired with a new entrance dashboard for students – their new first point of entry to IntoScience.

This is new landing screen is designed to give greater navigational guidance to all students, enabling them to head off to their chosen study area more easily – as well as preview a curated selection of focus content.

IntoScience student Dashboard

A new look to Third Degree

One of the original, and still most popular, elements of IntoScience is the live competition area known as Third Degree. Following on from our recent World Education Games event – of which Third Degree played a central role in the global World Science Day competition – a host of updates and improvements created for the competition are now available within IntoScience.

Along with a new look and feel are some huge improvements behind the scenes to the make finding matches and tracking scores easier and faster. There are also gameplay improvements, with new unlimited questions across the four levels Third Degree. Our popular laser quiz just got better!

IntoScience student Dashboard

Technical improvements for Chrome and Chromebook users

The previous IntoScience release saw the first stages of our move to newer WebGL technologies (to provide a better experience across newer browsers and devices). Version 1.7 sees further behind-the-scenes improvements to performance and load times for our Chrome users in particular.

Great news for all our Chromebook schools!