Mitch Nicholls, Chief Technology Officer at 3P Learning, explains why we are always looking to evolve our platforms to keep in line with the changing landscape of technology and the reasons we occasionally ask for changes to users’ technical requirements.

Flash Player Versions

3pandflashMathletics and Spellodrome are Flash-based applications. We have all heard the death knells being rung for Flash, however at 3P we believe Flash is a long way from dead. It remains to be the only platform that allows us to guarantee the same experience on the variety of Web platforms, supporting our multi-lingual requirements (including our Arabic functionality), whilst also allowing us to share features across multiple platforms such as Web, iOS and Android.

It is why we recommend our users check that they have the latest version of Flash Player installed, version 11.6 or above, to ensure the best possible experience when using our products. We know that this can be difficult to implement on school networks, however with Adobe soon to drop supporting versions prior to Flash Player 11, it is integral for our users to move forward now.

This will also enable us to provider even better features in the very near future.

Evolving Technology

We always keep a close eye on the technological advancements, in particular surrounding new devices and operating systems.

For the most part, our technology roadmap allows us to support all of the devices including newer laptops such as Google Chromebooks. Our Android support at the moment is restricted just to Samsung tablets, however we hope to support a wider range of Android tablets in the coming months via the Google Play store. One restriction we do have regarding tablets revolves around the screen resolution, with a minimum over 1024×768 for iPads, and 1280×800 for Android.

Domain and IP whitelisting

Part of our technology strategy is to utilise resources such as Content Delivery Networks and domains in order to scale our web platform; enabling as many users accessing our content all at the same time.

98% of our content comes from our CDN provider, which would effectively delivery content locally to 99% of our 4 million users. However to ensure efficient delivery, we do ask of you to ensure that the whitelisting is done completely. We understand that there are is a large number of IP addresses to be added, and whilst domain whitelisting would be our preferred method, all the IP addresses are needed to be whitelisted to ensure connectivity to our platform. The IP addresses provided by our CDN are solely used for 3P Learning.