The holiday season doesn’t have to be a holiday from learning — even if a child does have some time off school. It’s all the more reason to keep little brains learning and thinking about mathematics at home when on break. Creating holiday mathematics games can help keep kids laughing and busy. Mathematics games can be a part of almost any activity if you think about it. Here are some fun ideas to keep your children in a learning mode during the holidays.

Baking and Cooking

What child wouldn’t be interested in freshly baked holiday cookies? It’s an ideal time of year to get your kids involved with the joy of baking treats to share with family or friends. Baking involves measuring, time estimates and sorting, so let your children help as much as they can. Cooking holiday dinners offers the same opportunity to incorporate learning, and serves double to make the kids helpful in the kitchen.

Getting Santa Involved

Santa is everywhere during the holidays. When you see a picture of Santa when you’re with your child, use it as a time to come up with a creative word problem. Include his reindeer to ask the child about the speed of the sleigh, the distance traveled, the weight of the toys, and much more.

Counting Lights and Limbs

You may have put them up, so it may seem like a million lights that are hanging around homes in your neighborhood or even inside your home. Ask your child to count a number in a small section, and then use the measurement of that section to determine how many lights are hung. These mathematics games works for tree limbs and holiday decorations too.

Pretend Gift Buying

Just as window shopping can be just as fun as regular shopping, so can pretend shopping with your children. Use a cardboard box as a cash register if you don’t have a toy version and have your child add up the costs of things you want to purchase. You set the price for anything nearby. Just remember that certain toys are priceless.

Checking the Temperature

How’s the weather, anyway? The holidays are often a time of extreme temperatures all around the world. Fun holiday mathematics activities can include looking up how warm or cold places are around the globe and then determining how it compares to your town. However, it may have you dreaming of a tropical holiday.

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