FOBISIAMany people are aware of the volatile political situation in Thailand at present. Against this backdrop there was little surprise when the Bangkok based school that was due to host the 2014 FOBISSEA Primary Maths Competition decided that it was no longer a good idea for students teachers to travel to the city this March. The surprising thing was the quick offer from Kuala Lumpur Alice Smith School to host the Event in Malaysia.

In an amazing display of the sort of dedication that you get from inspired teachers, around 20 teachers and 60 students hurriedly modified travel plans and descended on Kuala Lumpur for a fabulous weekend of camaraderie around Mathematical challenges.

Mathletics was again invited to be a part of this event because, in the words of the organisers, the students always rate it as a highlight of the event.

The manageable numbers of students participating at FOBISSEA Primary Maths relative to the events that Mathletics is often involved in means that it was possible for the live Mathletics round to be carried out as a part of the event. 30 or 60 concurrent logins on a school WiFi network is a lot easier than 400. The number at other Asia-based events.

FOBISIA Maths Challenge

Using the new “Class and School” challenge features of Live Mathletics, these students were able to have a very competitive online challenge against just the schools from across Asia. No need to say it was a great contest with some very high scores achieved on Level 6 – the level deemed most appropriate for the event.

The heroes of the event were the teachers who were happy to assist at short notice with all manner of Mathematical tasks indoors and outdoors in a very hazy and sticky KL climate. I know that the students greatly appreciated it!