Connector Points are awarded to encourage and reward students for connecting and collaborating.

Currently, Connector Points are awarded in Live Mathletics. Using the “Who’s Online” panel, students can challenge others in their class (or classes) to Live Mathletics competitions. When these connections are made, Connector Points are awarded.

  • 2 Connector Points are awarded to the student who initiates the challenge.
  • 1 Connector Point is awarded to the students who accept the challenge.

Note: Connector Points are only awarded in completed games. If a student Strikes Out, no Connector Points will be awarded.

Connector Points are part of Mathletics’ ongoing project with UNICEF. Each time 2 million Connector Points are earned by students around the world, we will reveal another segment of the school image within the Live Mathletics Build-a-School area. Once all segments have been revealed, Mathletics will finance the building of a brand new school in a UNICEF-supported part of the world. The more points are earned, the more schools we will build.

Students connecting in Live Mathletics are now helping to build schools for young people in need across the world – passing on the gift of education, through their own learning. It’s the power of the Connection.