Designed by educators, Spellodrome uses the ‘play and practice’ mantra as the vehicle to engage and encourage students to enjoy and improve their spelling skills.

With integrated games like “Find-A-Word”, students are able to consolidate their learning in a fun and creative way, whilst ensuring they know their assigned “Word Lists” back-to-front!

Find a word

These fun and educational activities empower students to become independent in their learning, retaining engagement at home, too.

Spellodrome offers a huge range of additional resources to supplement student learning and improve their understanding, allowing them to achieve more each week.  Students are able to participate in educational games such as crosswords and look/cover/write/check style games, based on their targeted weekly spelling lists.

In the “Crossword” activity, students are required to type in the letters to spell the missing words based on the written and verbal clues provided.  This addresses the spelling knowledge areas of visual, phonological and morphemic.

Spellodrome crossword


Students are rewarded for their efforts through earning points and credits along the way, which go towards special certificates and awards (as featured in the “Millenium Gallery”) as well as towards kitting out their individual Spellodrome avatar.  These help to reinforce the sense of pride and achievement.

“Writing Fun” offers students detailed guides and examples of a range of different text types including recounts, explanations, discussions, narratives, poetry and more.

Writing Fun

Writing for a particular purpose is a complex process that can be hindered by poor spelling. Similarly, when reading, poor spellers can lack confidence decoding unfamiliar words.  Proficient spellers tend to be good communicators with effective literacy skills.

Spellodrome not only provides students with the tools to become competent spellers, it also provides comprehensive guides to assist students with the writing process.

With all the spelling and writing resources in one location – Spellodrome creates a place where students, families and teachers can love learning!

Spelling challenge fun with “Words in Pieces”

Spellodrome’s program provides fun, engaging and educational games that focus on student designated spelling lists.

The words in the list are scattered around the page and students are required to drag the matching puzzle pieces together to create the correct spelling of the word.

This interactive game makes learning to spell fun and highly motivating for students of all ages, whilst addressing the visual, phonological and morphemic areas of spelling knowledge.

Spellodrome Words in pieces