Reading is a function of everyday life. It’s a skill that will be exercised repeatedly and continuously throughout everything we do. Because of this we as students and parents undervalue the long term effects of mastering core reading skills. Perfecting reading abilities isn’t a question of the amount of reading you will exercise in a lifetime, but the quality of reading one partakes in. The Federal Government Early Development Census suggests that out of 300,000 pre-schoolers, 1/5th is developmentally vulnerable. Developmental vulnerability occurs when students are graded behind peers in a wide range of factors. The consensus believes that such setbacks in development leave students little chance of catching up whether or not schools intervene. United Way Australia is a non for profit organization that is taking action against this with its Imagination libraries program.

CEO of United Way, Kevin Robbie, in an interview with ABC Radio spoke about the importance of early reading programs. He discussed how the brain develops in the first 3 years of life and how reading in this time frame is crucial for children to develop words, language and communication through actions like singing and rhyming. The program creates platforms for students to hear words and familiarise themselves with key skills (reading and writing) that will become a universal asset for them as they progress in their schooling and everyday life. Imagination Libraries does this by providing age appropriate books to disadvantaged children and communities, supporting parents to help them read to their children and also through their work with local community organisations to create a culture for reading.

“Reading to your child at that point is really important for them to get an understanding of words and of language and of communication. other things like singing or rhymes are equally as important as this so that children can begin to hear words and form an understanding of how language is.”

Kevin Robbie CEO United Way Australia

Kevin Robbie, United Way

At 3P Learning, we share in the belief of value in early development and creating a love for learning as soon as possible. We show a drive for reading development in our youth through our programs Reading Eggs and Spellodrome. Reading Eggs is our introductory platform for developing reading skills. Catered for ages 3-13 (years K-6), Reading Eggs was built from experienced teachers writers and developers to create an educational and engaging resource. Core reading skills of phonic awareness, phonics, vocabulary, reading comprehension and fluency are exercised by children in the many activities they perform. Children can read, play games, listen to songs all whilst developing skills that will provide a head start when they begin schooling.

Spellodrome is a program designed by educators to take children’s spelling and reading ability, and take it to the next level. Spellodrome creates a platform for autonomous spelling awareness. Visual, phonological, morphemic and etymological skills are built through word lists, games and integration for the home and classroom through teacher/parent control hubs. Spellodrome strives to build confidence and knowledge for children in a fashion that is engaging and accessible for them and their parents.

As parents and educators, we want to give children the world to empower our future and to excel to be the best they can. While there are so much we as a community can do for our youth, it all starts with our ABCs. Through programs like Imagination libraries, Reading Eggs and Spellodrome, we can provide children with core reading and spelling skills better than ever before.

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