Mathletics Teacher Assessments Icon“I need to report on Australian Curriculum outcomes for my students, can Mathletics help? 

Absolutely. Allow us to introduce you to Assessments…

Mathletics is Australian Curriculum ready. Fully mapped national and state-based courses are ready and waiting. What’s more, Mathletics will diagnose students at a glance against specific Australian Curriculum outcomes and identify the outcomes a class are having issues with. Using Assessments (formerly known as Challenger) teachers are able to view reports at a class and an individual student level.

The new reports include:

  • A full class breakdown, by question, showing how each question was answered (correct/incorrect).
  • The percentage breakdown of students who answered the question correctly.
  • The Australian Curriculum outcome for each NAPLAN Assessment test question, along with a text summary of each outcome.
  • A list of related Mathletics activities suggestions to address the students’ needs for each individual NAPLAN test question.

Sample Class Report

Sample Class Report

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