Congratulations 2015 Challenge Winners: Mathletics Certification

Congratulations 2015 Mathletics Certification Challenge Winners!

Recently teachers were invited to complete one or more levels of  Mathletics Certification – each level awarding PD hours and an opportunity to win a prize of their choice of an iPad mini or $250 PD voucher.   Teachers were simply asked to share how Mathletics Certification has impacted teaching and learning in their class or in their school.  Responses reflected the diversity that exists in classrooms and schools across the country and we now congratulate both deserving winners:

St John Bosco School, SA

Viviana Graney, St John Bosco School, SA

Viviana Graney of St John Bosco School, Brooklyn Park, SA explained:

“Certification for me has been like having a coach on the sidelines. I wasn’t sure before what my end goal was with Mathletics but having targets to aim for and videos to help me along has helped me to determine what I want to achieve, for AND with my students. Each new objective has given me the motivation and skills needed to achieve even more. Not only are my skills increasing but my students’ skills and learning are growing as I learn more.”

Stuart McClorey St Jerome's PS, WA

Stuart McClorey St Jerome’s PS, WA

Stuart McClorey of St Jerome’s Primary School, Munster WA explains:

“The Certification process has allowed for a period of reflection – it has allowed me to step back from the everyday routine of using Mathletics and to identify which areas of the program I can use better in my teaching. It also allows for formal recognition of skills which makes it easier for other teachers to identify who they can go for help – especially if they may be uncomfortable approaching a member of the leadership/admin team.    I feel it also encourages other teachers to become more involved in the program, especially if they know they will have a qualification at the end – something they can show others to demonstrate their knowledge and abilities.     Finally, it is a good checklist of sorts for making sure we are using Mathletics to its full potential, and that we are doing as much as we can with everything available to us to provide awesome learning experiences for our students.”

Both Viviana and Stuart have provided unique perspectives on Mathletics Certification.   You can read more great ways that teaching and learning is being impacted with Certification here.

Well done to all teachers who have become Mathletics Certified.  Take your certificaiton to the next level and invite your colleagues to join you.  We continue to be inspired by you, our Mathletics teaching community.

Time to become Mathletics Certified?  Visit or email for more information.


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