Introducing the Complete Diagnostic Test Series. The most current, relevant spelling diagnostic test series available to Australian teachers, from  3P Learning, the team behind Mathletics, Spellodrome and IntoScience.

Spelling Diagnostic Series - SpellodromeThe Complete Diagnostic Test Series has been created for teachers by teachers to determine the strengths and weaknesses of individual students’ spelling skills. The results can then be used to customise the spelling program for your students needs. Also included in the series are suggested word lists for programming and the matching Spellodrome topics and categories for schools who use Spellodrome . In addition, words are categorised according to the appropriate area of spelling knowledge (Visual, Phonological, Morphemic and Etymological). Explanations of relevant etymology are also included.

As an ex-teacher myself (and married to a current Principal) I have been working on the creation of literacy resources for 15 years. Myself and my fellow publisher Anne are pleased to bring this new resource to Australian teachers and schools.

Sarah Rich

Head of Literacy Publishing, 3P Learning

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Have some questions?

What is the Complete Diagnostic Test Series?
The Complete Diagnostic Test Series is used to determine the strengths and weaknesses of individual students’ spelling skills. The results can be used to determine which words to include when teachers set their own spelling programs. The Diagnostic Tests are available at 3 levels. Level 1 tests basic spelling skills and knowledge. Level 2 tests a broader range of spelling skills and knowledge. This stage involves recognising a large number of phonemes and rules. Level 3 is suited to more independent spellers who possess a wide range of spelling strategies but may have some problems with commonly misspelled words, unusual rules and etymology. For use following testing, a sample list of words for teacher programming is included.

Is there a sample test that I can view?
Yes. Simply click here.

Is it suitable for all students?  
Yes. Students can sit the test anytime, however its application is most useful once they are beginning to spell words independently and a teacher wishes to determine any areas of weakness.

What is the difference between the Australian Standardised Spelling Age Test (ASSAT) and the Diagnostic Series?
The Australian Standardised Spelling Age Test is one that has been designed to give a student a spelling age compared with a norm referenced group of peers. Our standardised test is the most current, up to date and accurate version available at present. The Complete  Diagnostic test Series is used to diagnose areas of weakness and therefore plan which specific spelling rules need to be taught.

How is spelling knowledge tested? 
All four areas of spelling knowledge are covered, with details of whether the words are visual, phonological, morphemic or etymological included with the tests. Further detail of etymology is also included.

Are the tests aligned to the Australian Curriculum?
Yes. The Diagnostic tests allow teachers to determine if their students are able to apply knowledge and understand how to use strategies to spell words, as per the Australian National Curriculum outcomes.