Technology in the classroom: what’s in store?

Technology use in schools is increasing every year, dominated by the introduction of iPads, tablets and netbooks to the classroom. Technology is not intended to replace teachers in the classroom; instead, most educational tech is designed to increase efficiency and improve the effectiveness of traditional teaching methods. In a recent survey, more than

How can I start a makerspace at my school?

So, you've decided a makerspace might be something that your school could get behind. Great! Following are the steps to set up your school's very own innovation station. 1. Find your space Your first step to starting a maker at your school is to establish the right space. This might be in the library or somewhere where

Inspiring innovation with makerspaces

The world is not what it used to be – and I don’t mean that in a negative sense. Technology is rapidly changing how we live our lives. We have phones and cars that talk to us, we can do the weekly shopping from the comfort of our lounges, we have fridges

Getting back into Mathematics

Back to school time can bring about many uncertainties for children. A child will walk into a class on the first day and be given a rundown of what is in store for them. Some will be calm and some will panic, but all have the ability to take charge of their education

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Positive digital learning with a capital 3P

The way a class is taught and how we learn today is a lot different to how we were educated in the past. This is predominantly due to the incorporation of technology in the education process. The digital age allows us to stream and consume large amounts of information from all over, which creates

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Blending the Learning experience

What do you get when you mix the classroom with the computer? A new outlook on education known as Blended Learning. Blended learning takes the old method of content focused learning and turns it on its head. Teachers can’t have detailed learning insights of their students in a traditional classroom environment. Students differ

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Single Sign On now available for Office365 users

Passwords are annoying, we get it. That’s why we are teaming up with some big names to ensure you have one less to remember. All students and teachers can now link their Mathletics and Office365 accounts to create a single point of access. Linking a Mathletics account to an Office365 account is simple and takes just

Mathletics moves to the Cloud…

As part of 3P Learning's continuing drive to bring our resources to as many schools (and devices) as possible - we are excited to announce that Mathletics has transitioned to be hosted fully "in the cloud", part of our ongoing relationship with our friends and partners at Microsoft. To mark this huge technical milestone in the

IntoScience Launches on the Windows Platform

3P Learning, in partnership with global tech giant Microsoft, is pleased to announce that IntoScience is now available as an app on both the Windows 8.1 and Windows 10 stores. The IntoScience Windows app has full touchscreen capabilities and tablet support for Microsoft Surface users, and will include automatic updates to the latest version.

3P Learning’s CTO talks browsers, Flash and mobility…

We spoke to 3P Learning's Chief Technology Officer, Mitch Nicholls, about why the company has announced that it will no longer be supporting some older web browsers - and why it has signalled the beginning of the end for its long term relationship with Flash... Tell us about 3P's love affair with Adobe

Creating and supporting a social classroom

Most of us would be familiar with social media as a platform for connecting with friends and family, but its value in the education world is gradually being realised. The sharing nature of most social media avenues provides a great platform for the exchange of knowledge and ideas not only between teachers and students but also among

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Chief Scientist Ian Chubb talks about raising STEM skills in Australia through a focus on teaching

The Australian Industry Group recently released its report Progressing STEM Skills which identified the need to develop a national STEM (science, technology, engineering and maths) skills strategy to keep up with the demands of a sector with a high job growth rate in Australia. A worrying finding from the report is that Australia is under-performing

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Technologies we take for granted

To get us into the 'T' area of the STEM acronym, I thought I would talk about some technology which blows my mind. I started thinking of this over recent weeks, because I realised how much we take certain technologies for granted when I moved house with a terrible Wi-Fi connection. It’s been the bane

The Creative Impact of Technology

Last week I received an email from a work colleague with a link to an article by Alan November that he posted on his website, November Learning. November’s article outlined how he has developed a list of six ‘transformation’ questions designed to help educators recognise the profound value of a digital learning environment: Transformational Six

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Creating the innovators of tomorrow: How can we increase participation in STEM subjects?

  In recent years the education community has turned its attention to the decline of participation rates in STEM subjects, for secondary school students and university students alike. A 2013 report by the Australian Industry Group* found that STEM related course completions declined by 58% between 2001 and 2011. Enrolments are also in decline, with

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