3 ways to help your child balance homework and free time

The afternoon of the first day of school can be a slippery slope for children if they’re not careful. Children may get caught in the difference between holiday free time and after school free time. It is in this after school time that the balance of homework and extra-curricular activities need to be

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Bringing the fizz back into learning

In the last few days, our friend and educationalist Dan Meyer has once again inspired us with his recent post Collective effervescence is the cost of personalized learning. This term comes from the French sociologist Émile Durkheim, and refers to the fizz or buzz that is generated from the social experience of participation.

Stimulating curiosity to enhance learning

Curiosity is born from a desire to learn for the sake of gaining new knowledge about a particular subject or idea. In contrast to rote learning practices, curiosity promotes a deeper level of understanding as it motivates a learner to think critically and engage with the material to seek out answers. Research

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The benefits of online learning spaces

It’s not a groundbreaking concept to suggest that students benefit from individualised learning practices. Every student learns in a different way, and teaching methods that are effective for one student may not be compatible with another’s preferred learning style. But it is a difficult task for teachers to tailor their lessons to

NEW: Mathletics Secondary Interface

Secondary school is a whole new world and a new school demands an older, more study-focused interface for students. The new Mathletics Secondary console is purpose-built to provide students with the study tools and maths resources they need to progress through the Australian secondary mathematics curriculum, allowing them to take greater control of their own learning.

Campion and 3P Learning Partner in Secondary Education

At 3P Learning, supporting schools is one of our core organisational values. We make a promise to be there for all of our users and to deliver powerful resources that engage students and empower teachers. In saying this, the team at 3P learning is excited to announce our partnership with Campion Education,

5 essential IntoScience teacher tips

Have you had the chance to explore all that IntoScience has to offer you, as a teacher? IntoScience provides unparalleled control for teachers allowing easier classroom management. To help you discover the possibilities of IntoScience's teacher functions and make the most out of you and your students' IntoScience journey, we have compiled a few handy tips. Enjoy!

What makes the perfect school backpack?

What do Pens, books, lunch, bus passes and so on have in common? They are all school tools that are found in an everyday child’s backpack. The backpack literally carries your children’s education and is a key tool in your child’s schooling life. When purchasing a bag for the new school year, a

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The Battle of Back to School

As a parent, you’re a war torn veteran in the annual battle of the first day of school. Your plan of attack is set, from uniforms to cartoons and your weapons of hair comb and camera for the embarrassing first day shot are ready. We at 3P are also experienced in the battle

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Learning in everything

What is one of the most common complaints from children when returning to school? The answer, “I won’t even use this in real life”. Children when returning back to school don’t consider schooling to be a time of knowledge and discovery. It’s in these times that they can find themselves and what they’re

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Back to school buddies

As a student, the first day of school can feel like a period of doubt and fear. The idea of starting from the very beginning and entering into the unknown can take a toll on a student’s confidence and ability to learn. What most students don’t take into consideration is that while they

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Holiday ready to make back to school day steady

The kids are on holiday! It’s the beginning of beach days and sleepless nights. Everything learnt in school has been reassigned to the dark corners of the brain and their time in school has already begun to fade into a distant memory in the few seconds they’ve walked out of those gates. It’s

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Educational activities for the Weekend

The school week is over and your children are ready to put their learning on pause and partake in all sorts of activities like Saturday cartoons, weekend sports and birthday parties. But your child’s weekend doesn’t have to be restricted to either learning or fun, it is possible to have your cake and

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Last day before the first day

Your children have had a summer of holiday cheer and New Year joy with family and friends, but the holidays are at an end and the first day of school has made its way around. The last day of holiday can be a touchy period for children as they make their mental transition

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Innovation for Australia: A step in the right direction

Yesterday Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull unveiled the government's $1.1 billion innovation package that will be rolled out over the next four years to promote business-based research, development and innovation. Pleasingly, Australia's falling maths and science participation is a key focus point in the government's plan of attack. STEM skills are increasingly important for the competitiveness

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