Top 10 Assessment Technique Tips

Throughout your child’s education, they will be required to write assessments to demonstrate what they have learned throughout the school year. This can be a very stressful time for students. Check out our top 10 tips that you can share with your child to set them up for success. 1. Keep a positive attitude throughout

3 ways to help your child balance homework and free time

The afternoon of the first day of school can be a slippery slope for children if they’re not careful. Children may get caught in the difference between holiday free time and after school free time. It is in this after school time that the balance of homework and extra-curricular activities need to be

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6 things you can do to assist your child with their schooling in 2017

Well it is that time when the joys of Christmas and New Year are fading and in the distance the return to school is looming.  In the spirit of New Year Resolutions, what are your aspirations for your child/ children at school this year? Every parent wants the best for their child.

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Is Your Child Reaching The Right Benchmarks?

From the moment our children are born, their development is measured and analysed. Right at the very start of life they are observed and given a ranking according to how well they take their first breaths and this sets the scene for a seemingly endless range of evaluations that continue their entire

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Leonardo Mason – World Record Breaker

Live Mathletics has always been a favourite for many students across the world. It puts students through maths concepts in an adrenaline rush of quick thinking to help build retention of learning concepts. We've seen some amazing scores over the years as some students push themselves to achieve unbelievable feats of mathematical speed and

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Tips on teaching your kids how to spell

Learning how to spell is an integral part of every child's education. Spelling acts as the basis of all literacy education and must be focused upon if a child is to advance their learning. Although spelling is covered at school, there are ways that you can get them interested in spelling at home. Here

Building a relationship with your child’s teacher

Another year usually means a new teacher/s for your child. So what can you do to build a relationship with them? Check your own assumption and beliefs. We all have an idea of what teaching is like and an opinion of what should be done – we all went to school and

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The early bird gets the bookworm

Reading is a function of everyday life. It’s a skill that will be exercised repeatedly and continuously throughout everything we do. Because of this we as students and parents undervalue the long term effects of mastering core reading skills. Perfecting reading abilities isn’t a question of the amount of reading you will exercise

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Spotlight on the new live Spellodrome

One isn’t driven to improve until they are truly challenged. Competition is a platform that takes your abilities and puts them to the test. Making a student learn through cognitive exercises is great for developing the ability to spell, but getting a student to challenge themselves and use that knowledge in an energetic

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What makes the perfect school backpack?

What do Pens, books, lunch, bus passes and so on have in common? They are all school tools that are found in an everyday child’s backpack. The backpack literally carries your children’s education and is a key tool in your child’s schooling life. When purchasing a bag for the new school year, a

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The Battle of Back to School

As a parent, you’re a war torn veteran in the annual battle of the first day of school. Your plan of attack is set, from uniforms to cartoons and your weapons of hair comb and camera for the embarrassing first day shot are ready. We at 3P are also experienced in the battle

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Learning in everything

What is one of the most common complaints from children when returning to school? The answer, “I won’t even use this in real life”. Children when returning back to school don’t consider schooling to be a time of knowledge and discovery. It’s in these times that they can find themselves and what they’re

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Back to school buddies

As a student, the first day of school can feel like a period of doubt and fear. The idea of starting from the very beginning and entering into the unknown can take a toll on a student’s confidence and ability to learn. What most students don’t take into consideration is that while they

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Holiday ready to make back to school day steady

The kids are on holiday! It’s the beginning of beach days and sleepless nights. Everything learnt in school has been reassigned to the dark corners of the brain and their time in school has already begun to fade into a distant memory in the few seconds they’ve walked out of those gates. It’s

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Educational activities for the Weekend

The school week is over and your children are ready to put their learning on pause and partake in all sorts of activities like Saturday cartoons, weekend sports and birthday parties. But your child’s weekend doesn’t have to be restricted to either learning or fun, it is possible to have your cake and

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