A Spellodrome Case Study

Michelle Birke, Year 6 teacher, Mona Vale Public School Our education experts have spent years chatting to schools about their literacy needs and how they use Spellodrome to save time and enhance their classroom practices. We chatted to Michelle Birke, a Year 6 teacher at Mona Vale Public School, to see how they

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Case Study: Graeme McCulloch, Cardiff Public School

Our Education Eggsperts have spent years chatting to schools about their literacy needs and how they use Reading Eggs and Reading Eggspress to save time and enhance their classroom teaching. Graeme McCulloch, a year 6 teacher from Cardiff Public School is just one example of a teacher making the most of the resources Reading Eggs has to

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Tech Tools Daily Mathletics Review

21clRadio recognizes educational leaders from the international teaching world and beyond. Hosts Michael Boll, Chris Carter and Jamie Willett interview great thinkers and review EdTech products and services. Recently, in their 'Tech Tools Daily' segment the hosts had a lively and in-depth discussion about all things Mathletics! From the engaging and competitive aspects of Live Mathletics to

Spellodrome around Europe

Last month our Premium Account Manager Ashley Thomas spent some time chatting to teachers from international schools across Europe that are making great use of Spellodrome and ways that technology can help overcome the unique difficulties that come from teaching in an international school. Raquel Galindo, from the International School of Turin, Italy, told Ashley

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Why use Mathletics? A case study by Dr Phil Brockbank of All Saints’ College

Download a pdf copy A brief look at the reasons why it would be wise to integrate Mathletics into every ‘laptop-friendly’ schools’ Mathematics curriculum delivery process. There is a plethora of software packages available on the market today, all promising to deliver benefits to learning. Some have valid claims – many do

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The benefits of Reading Eggs in the home and school setting!

A mother and teacher's experience with Reading Eggs Rhoda Yeates, a mother and teacher at Rouse Hill Anglican College, shares her experiences of using Reading Eggs in both the school and home setting. Both Rhoda's class and her son have embraced the literacy resource and as a result they have observed considerable literacy improvements. Rhoda's

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St Columba Anglican School runs a Summer Mathletics Challenge

 St Columba Anglican School shares their Summer Mathletics Challenge. In the lead up to the school holidays, we're excited by news from St Columba Anglican School. To keep kids engaged and excited in maths over the summer break they have organised a summer Mathletics challenge. What a great initiative to keep kids revising over the

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Teaching in the Spotlight: Personalised Mathematics at Crusoe College

We will regularly be showcasing schools in our community who are thinking outside of the square in the way they deliver learning opportunities for their students. Meet Crusoe College in Victoria who have designed their rich mathematics course where text books have been replaced with customisable Mathletics eBooks in Years 7 and 8.  We love

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Mathletics Lead Educator, Neil Howie, shares his experiences with Mathletics

Newly appointed Mathletics Lead Educator, Neil Howie shares the story of how Belgrade International School use Mathletics. Mathletics – what’s it all about? 'Mathletics is a serious educational tool that can aid students in developing their mathematical knowledge, whatever stage of their school path they are at. It can also be used as a great peer

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Changing Lives with Reading Eggs

“Education is the most powerful weapon we can use to change the world.” Nelson Mandela In 2012 the Click Foundation introduced a Reading Eggs literacy initiative into selected South African schools with the aim of filling the gaps in learners' literacy skills and helping students achieve English literacy proficiency at an age appropriate level and

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Teaching kids how to handle money

Literacy and numeracy aren't the only core life skills that children need to develop.  In fact, one of the most valuable skills we can pass onto our children is good money management.  Who is responsible for teaching financial literacy though? Schools should teach kids how to manage money The development of a national teaching program

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Celebrating Mathletics at St Patrick’s College, Tasmania!

Mathletics, the online mathematics program used in thousands of schools across the globe, has had a fantastic impact on the students at St Patrick's College in Launceston, Tasmania.  Mathletics co-ordinator, Rebecca Noordermeer, shares her thoughts and experiences of using Mathletics  in her classroom and the impact it has had on her students. How long have you

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Celebrating ABC Reading Eggs at Tenambit Public School

ABC Reading Eggs , the online reading, literacy and comprehension based program, has taken Tenambit Public School in NSW by storm! Assistant principal Sarah-Jane Hazell has shared her thoughts and experience upon implementing the program at their school. How long have you and your students been using the program? We have been using the program

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