Tip Tuesday – How to identify and reward effort with Mathletics

It’s important to Mr Jones that he rewards his students’ efforts just as much as their achievements. He wants to reward students who are demonstrating sustained effort over the term, and encourage those who aren’t regularly practising their maths to engage with Mathletics more. Mr Jones wants to be able to see how [...]

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Tip Tuesday – Viewing Student Improvement with Mathletics

Year 3 teacher Tom wants to see an overview of his students’ progress across the school year. Whether it's a daily or weekly summary; in preparation for parents' evening; or at the end of each term, Tom needs accurate reporting data to give him visibility of his students’ improvement and achievement. He also wants to dive deeper [...]

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Tip Tuesday – Using Live Mathletics to increase engagement

Karen has a class of eager year 3 students, who are learning their multiplication tables. She is looking for a fun and interactive way to help improve her students’ maths fluency and mental maths skills. Her class loves competing in Live Mathletics against one another. She decides to bring them together as a group [...]

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Tip Tuesday – How to create groups for differentiated learning

Karen has just started the school year teaching a year 1 and year 2 composite class. She has her classroom divided into 4 different tables, with 5 or 6 students on each. The red and blue tables are year 1, and the green and yellow tables are her year 2 students. Karen wants to organise her Mathletics [...]

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The New Mathletics Launch Challenge

From Monday 3rd to Sunday 16th July 2017, 221 Mathletics-subscribed schools and 65 non-subscribed schools competed for the New Mathletics Launch Challenge crown. The event challenged students to earn as many points as possible on the brand new version of Mathletics during the two-week period, by completing live games and answering curriculum questions. [...]

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