Grade 4 teacher, Mrs. Leonard, was starting to notice that her students seem disengaged with spelling lessons.  Even with varied activities, practice and interactives, her students with high abilities in spelling were losing interest, the students who were struggling were feeling frustrated and overall outcomes were not improving at a desired rate.

Mrs. Leonard tried Spellodrome with her students and found that the introduction of technology truly enhanced the teaching and learning in her classroom.

Spellodrome provides Mrs. Leonard with the time to work with individuals and groups of students while others enter an exciting world of Spellodrome – powered by the same word lists. Their confidence and motivation has increased because their spelling lists were brought to life on the Spellodrome Student Console.

The students with high spelling abilities that were losing interest now have personalised spelling lists that challenge them and increase mastery of the curriculum. Spellodrome provides a gamified learning experience that allows students to play against opponents, beat the clock and improve their skills – all while playing games that incorporate their own word lists.

Students who were struggling now feel confident in a low-risk environment that has increased their spelling skills and allowed them to master rules and patterns within the curriculum.  With Spellodrome courses, Mrs. Leonard can shorten lists, add additional words, show/hide lists within units, bring forward words from previous weeks for additional practice and so much more.

Try Spellodrome in your classroom and bring word lists to life for your students.

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