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National On-Screen Times Table Assessment

     Last month Nicky Morgan announced that from 2017 all primary school leavers in England will be tested on their times tables up to 12×12 using a timed, on-screen test. Mathletics has a set of focused and fun resources to help you and your pupils prepare for the new assessment:   Curriculum Activities

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Spellodrome around Europe

Last month our Premium Account Manager Ashley Thomas spent some time chatting to teachers from international schools across Europe that are making great use of Spellodrome and ways that technology can help overcome the unique difficulties that come from teaching in an international school. Raquel Galindo, from the International School of Turin, Italy, told Ashley

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Lead Educator hosts Love Learning Day with Tim Rylands

3P Learning recently teamed up with educational thought leader Tim Rylands for a Love Learning Day hosted by Langafel C of E Primary School – long-term users of Mathletics and home of one of our Mathletics Lead Educators, Ruth Sivarajah.  Tim shares our love of learning and passion for allowing technology to inspire creativity, imagination

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Pi Day Ideas

March 14th is Pi Day! Happy 3.14159265359 Day! That’s right, the 14 March is the annual worldwide celebration of Pi. Pi is represented by the Greek symbol π. The number Pi (π) is a mathematical constant whose value is the ratio of any circle circumference (C) to its diameter (d) and is approximately equal to

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Spotlight on Yarrells Prep School in Dorset, England

Rebecca Chappell, Head of Pre-Prep at Yarrells Prep School shares how her school uses Mathletics and why they love it so much. Here's what she had to say: "We introduced Mathletics into our Pre-Prep department several years ago and have never looked back.We offer it as a continuous, optional homework and we also give children in Year

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Meet Swiss Lead Educator Jonathan Butcher, Zurich International School

Jonathan Butcher is empowering students in learning. Motivation and engagement come highly valued in my learning environments. I aim to create learning experiences that are designed to meet the interests and needs of my students. I’m reflective and innovative and therefore always striving to further enhance my learning environments. I believe Mathletics supports me as

GLOBED Mathletics Challenge in Turkey

The first ever GLOBED Mathletics Challenge was held in Turkey between May 20 and 21, with more than 10.000 students and 66 schools taking part. Here's a message from the GLOBED team... "Our aim with this contest was to foster students’ love and interest in Mathematics. The intense interest generated by challenge demonstrates that with new technologies mathematics

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British International School Belgrade Year 4 SuperMathlete Champions

British International School Belgrade Year 4 SuperMathlete Champions The week of the 7th April was a busy one in the primary school at British International School Belgrade. All the students were actively engaged in the SuperMathlete Challenge at school (and also for many at home as well!). The results of the Challenge were announced in the assembly the following week,

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Social Learning: Makewaves with Mathletics, Reading Eggs and Spellodrome

3P Learning has just become part of the global social learning platform, Makewav.es.   We joined on the recommendation of Matt Rogers, Computing and ICT Subject Leaders at Snowsfields Primary School in London, and are very excited about the Mathletics open badges he has created for us. Open badges were developed by Mozilla as a way to recognise skills and

International Children’s Book Day

 International Children’s Book Day  is an excellent opportunity to celebrate your favourite children’s books and to inspire a love of reading. At the British International School of Belgrade pupils have made some reading resolutions.  What will your reading resolutions be?  We have created some reading resolutions certificates that you can share with your pupils.  Year

ICT Makeover at Snowfields Primary School, London

Technology suites and classroom ICT equipment provide the essential infrastructure for web-based learning, but with ongoing technological advancements how do you choose what to buy? Matt Rogers at Snowsfields Primary talks about their 2-year journey to a new technology suite.  

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Spellodrome is now National Curriculum for England ready!

Spellodrome now includes word lists by year group that are fully aligned to the 2014 National Curriculum for England.   Find a host of grammar, punctuation and spelling resources in printable Spellodrome workbooks. Assign diagnostic tests to assess spelling skills and use reports to target weaknesses. Sample Test   The Complete Diagnostic Test Series Created

Children at Walgrave Primary celebrate Mathletics success

Children at Walgrave Primary School in Northamptonshire celebrated their success in Mathletics this week.  41 children were awarded 46 certificates between them in a special assembly.  Headmaster James Ayton said "We are very proud of them all!" Congratulations everyone, keep up the great work!

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The Dame Janet Primary Academy Mathletics Competition

Dame Janet Primary Academy hosted a one-day maths challenge for local students in Kent. Pupils fought off fierce competition to become Mathletics champions.  Winners from St Ethelbert’s Primary and Dame Janet Primary Academy. The Dame Janet Primary Mathletics competition was held to promote maths across Kent and celebrate the subject.  Young mathematicians were

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Mathletics Lead Educator, Neil Howie, shares his experiences with Mathletics

Newly appointed Mathletics Lead Educator, Neil Howie shares the story of how Belgrade International School use Mathletics. Mathletics – what’s it all about? 'Mathletics is a serious educational tool that can aid students in developing their mathematical knowledge, whatever stage of their school path they are at. It can also be used as a great peer

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