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Benefits of Colouring

There is no doubt that kids love colouring, but did you know that there are a number of developmental benefits? Colouring helps kids develop skills ranging from coordination and motor skills to creativity and colour awareness.

These are our top four benefits of colouring for your primary students:


Just because they are colouring somebody else’s picture, doesn’t mean they are not thinking creatively and expressing their individuality. Colouring allows kids to develop their own drawing style, learn from the techniques of their classmates and encourages them to try different combinations to change the appearance of the picture. Even though your whole class may be colouring the same handout, no two pictures will be the same!

Coordination and Motor Skills:

Colouring encourages kids to hold pens, pencils or crayons in the correct way and control their movement to keep the colours within the lines, children get better at this with practice and their confidence will build over time. Developing these coordination skills also creates a huge advantage when it comes to handwriting and drawing in later years.

Colour awareness:

Colouring can be a great way to teach your early primary students about the colour wheel. For example if you have just taught your students about primary and secondary colours, you could set them a task to colour in a picture using only primary or secondary colours. This introduces the concept of planning, encouraging them to think carefully about which colours to use and how they will look together on the page.

Patience and Concentration:

Learning to completely focus on one particular task is an essential skill in the later years of education. Colouring is a task that kids naturally find absorbing and they are often very proud of their creations, so it is a great way to positively reinforce how patience and concentration can lead to great results!

We have created some fun colour in and cut out templates featuring your students’ favourite ABC Reading Eggs characters such as Reggie, Marshmallow Mouse, Roary and Xpanda.