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It probably comes as little surprise that the 3P Learning Asia Team regularly get approached about sponsorship of needy projects in the region.

There is a lot of poverty in Asia and 3P Learning is noted for it’s work with UNICEF to assist needy schools in the region as a part of the World Education Games ( events each year.

We try to assist where we can and we usually take into account factors like the expertise of the staff at the agency and their ability to implement our resources and really make a difference.

Recently Luke Doyle, Chairman of the CAFFE Charity in Bangladesh made contact with the 3P Learning Asia office. Luke had used Mathletics as a teacher in one of our China-based international schools and he knew it could really assist the volunteers he worked with, to provide real life-changing instruction for marginalised youth in Dhaka. We agreed with him.

We were happy to provide Luke with some free Mathletics licenses and he has agreed to keep us updated on the benefits to his students, so that we can share these with you all.

We look forward to keeping you all informed about how these licenses have made a difference in the lives of these students … watch this space!