AGCAs-winner3P Learning Ltd has been recognised at the annual Growth Company Awards, held in Sydney.

Taking place each year, the Australian Growth Company Awards celebrate excellence in mid-market companies. They recognise companies that demonstrate high rates of growth, as well as innovation, integrity, contribution to the community and sustainable growth.

At a glittering award ceremony held in Sydney, Australia, 3P Learning was awarded in the Best Exit category – an award recognising companies that have demonstrated exceptional growth, with specific reference to 3P Learning completing a public flotation earlier in 2014, the second largest tech floatation in the history of the ASX.

Managing Director of 3P Learning, Tim Power – who also gave the keynote address at the awards – said,

Besides our core love of learning, if there is one thing that could be said to power everything we do at 3P it’s innovation. We aren’t scared to innovate, to push the boundaries, to create. We’re not scared to get things wrong, to grow by iteration – and that drive has powered our phenomenal growth across the global education market over our first decade. 

Tim Power, Managing Director 3P Learning


Another proud moment for the whole 3P Learning team. Now, enough self-congratulation, we’ve got work to do…