1. Help bridge the gender divide

Is there really a difference between boys’ and girls’ potential to achieve in maths – what is driving performance? WE ARE – apparently Parents who unwittingly reinforce stereotypical ideas about their children’s capabilities undermine their confidence and natural desire to pursue certain paths.  Parental influence can have a significant impact on learning. Ensuring that both parents help with maths is one way that we help to ensure that children don’t see gender as a learning barrier.

When setting tasks through your Parent Centre, try to ensure that it is done regularly by different members of the family, consequently eliminating gender differences in maths. We would be delighted to hear your views – why not contact us now!

2. Encourage your children to fully grasp mathematical concepts

Introduce a topic using the ‘Something Easier’ and ‘Are you Ready?’ options and end the topic with the ‘Something Harder’ and ‘Test’ options to ensure maximum understanding.  Encourage your child to complete the test once they have completed all the activities in a topic by making them aware that there are double points available.

3. Set personal goals with Mathletics to encourage your child to reach their personal best

To help keep you child interested and engaged, why not set them a target number of points to earn over a day or a week?  One point is earned per correct answer in Live Mathletics and ten points per correct question in the Curriculum Activities. Why not use the Mathletics certificate system to reward your childs individual performance and engagement?

Certificates are awarded for gaining 1000 points a week:

  • 1000 points – 1 bronze certificate
  • 5 bronze certificates – 1 silver certificate
  • 4 silver certificates – 1 gold certificate
  • A maximum of one certificate can be earned per week.

For more information about certificates check out the parents center

4. Encourage your children to achieve concept mastery by achieving over 85%

Try to encourage your child to repeat an activity they’ve achieved a blue bar in (less than 85%) to help ensure they understand each concept. Repetition of activities is proven to drive better understanding and results. Grasping a concept that your child may have previously found difficult will build their confidence and sense of achievement.  Make sure you recognize and reward achievement with praise and perhaps print out a certificate for an exciting achievement!

5. Help your children to study with Mathletics

Help your child prepare for  NAPLAN and internal school test with Mathletics! It will assist them prepare for maths exams and improve their results by consolidating their mathematics knowledge and also helping to identify any areas that can be improved!

6. Encourage your children to personalise their Mathletics page.

We know a personalised learning environment is beneficial for engagement. So why not help your child to purchase a fun background for their avatar?  You can help them to earn points by setting them tasks to complete using the Task Manager function in the Parent Centre.

 7. Make the most of the additional features

Remember that as well as thousands of maths activities and the Live Mathletics games, Mathletics also contains some exciting extras to really help your child with their maths learning!

Have your child check out the fun and catchy Times Tables Toons, encourage them to explore the animated Concept Search where hundreds of mathematical terms are illustrated and explained or how about venturing into Rainforest Maths where there are many colourful activities to explore!

8. Use mathletics to keep children stimulated over the holidays

Did you know that some children fall behind in their learning over the school holidays?  There is some debate to the extent of ‘learning loss’ especially over the summer but studies indicate that as many as one in three children can fall behind as a result of the long break away from the classroom, with numeracy one of the areas most affected.

Try to encourage your child to spend a little time on Mathletics each week over the holiday to keep their maths skills fresh and help them to excel in the new school year.

9. Keep up with your child’s results in the family console

Did you know you can check your child’s Mathletics progress through your Family Console?

To do this, click the ‘View Progress’ icon in your child’s account, then click the ‘Check Up’ icon.  You’ll then be able to see their progress, including relative strengths and weaknesses.  You can try setting a few tasks on the subjects that they find trickier – practise makes perfect and our research shows that, on average, 99.2% students master a topic (achieve greater than 80%) after attempting an activity 3 times, this usually takes less than 20 minutes! So these last weeks of school holidays is a great opportunity to refresh your children’s Mathematics to make sure they get a strong start in 2014.

10. Keep your child motivated and engaged by peronalising their course level

Help keep your child motivated with a more challenging, or an easier course! If your child has achieved all the gold bars that they can on their current course, or is struggling with the course they are currently set to, did you know you can change their course level?

To do this, sign into the Family Centre with your username and password and click ‘Edit’ next to your child’s name.  You will then see a ‘Mathletics Course’ heading under ‘Edit Child Details’.  Simply choose a new course from the dropdown box.  Please note, you can change their course a maximum of 6 times in a year.

11. Engage  your child with conversation about Mathematics

Encourage your child to explain a concept to you using the Support Centre in the Mathletics activities (just click the big question mark under the question number) or the Concept Search tool.  Investigating concepts reinforces understanding and promotes independent learning. To find out some ways to get conversations about maths started with your child, please CLICK HERE.