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We’ve got you covered. Our team offers a selection of FREE webinars, covering the basics of WordFlyers to more advanced use. They are a great way to learn more – and best of all they are completely FREE.

WordFlyers Student Dashboard – Engagement and Rewards

This is a 30 minute webinar for teachers to provide an overview of the student dashboard with particular reference to areas you can improve student engagement and also how to use WordFlyers to recognise and reward your students.


7th August
12th September

WordFlyers Teacher Dashboard – Assigning Tasks & Analysing Reports

This is a 30 minute webinar for teachers to learn how to assign tasks to individual and groups of students. We will also show you how to use the reports to inform your teaching and planning.


13th August
30th August

WordFlyers Teaching Dashboard – Using WordFlyers to differentiate content for your students and as a teaching tool

This is a 30 minute webinar for teachers to understand how to differentiate using WordFlyers.


31st July
19th August

WordFlyers Teacher Dashboard – Manage Lessons & Preview Content

Lessons Preview and Content.


31st July
30th August

WordFlyers – Teacher Dashboard

-How to personalise the learning pathway for students in WordFlyers

-How to identify strengths & Areas for improvement in WordFlyers

-How teacher can drive student learning using WordFlyers

-How to use WordFlyers as a comprehensive online literacy program

-How students can take agency of their learning using WordFlyers


5th September

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No problem! We offer a wide range of training options for our schools.

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