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The importance of spelling for all aspects of learning

Communication skills are essential for a child to grow and interact successfully with the world. Communication usually begins with simple body language, gestures and vocalisations. As children progress to verbal communication, they naturally

3P Learning are proud finalists at the Education Resources Awards 2017

 We are very proud to announce that 3P Learning has been shortlisted in four categories at the prestigious Education Resource Awards. We are off to an exciting start this year with more awards nominations for our digital

3P Learning proud to be shortlisted as finalists at the GESS Awards 2017

 We are extremely pleased to announce that 3P Learning has once again been shortlisted in THREE categories at the esteemed GESS Awards (Gulf Educational Supplies and Solutions) in Dubai. The GESS Awards are an annual event to celebrate outstanding

Tips on teaching your kids how to spell

Learning how to spell is an integral part of every child's education. Spelling acts as the basis of all literacy education and must be focused upon if a child is to advance their learning.

An important technical update from 3P Learning

The blog post contains important information about changes to the technical requirements of 3P Learning products. Be sure your school's IT administrator is aware of these new requirements in order to continue to be

3P Learning celebrates fourth GESS Award win

We are extremely pleased to announce that 3P Learning has been named 'Multinational Company of the Year' at the esteemed GESS Awards 2016 in Dubai. The GESS Awards are an annual event to celebrate outstanding success for suppliers and teaching professionals

Get the classroom spelling ready

Welcome to the spectacular spelling world of Spellodrome. To help get you and your classroom started, we thought some helpful teacher tips would be a great way to introduce the program to

School Spotlight – Canberra Girls Grammar School

The Girls at the senior campus of Canberra Girls Grammar School are knocking NAPLAN out of the park! The latest My School update has shown that 23 schools in Canberra have shown significant improvement

Top 10 hardest words to spell

Spelling skills have become weaker from the technological boom that controls more and more of our lives. A simple text to a thousand word essay can exceed the spelling abilities of the user

Spelling fun for everyone

Learning to spell can become a blur of letters, words and sounds for students as they adjust to literacy skills. It’s at this early stage of literacy that consuming knowledge anyway possible can

Learning before learning, our youths’ early reading ability

As children enter school, it is perceived that this is where the learning journey begins. That a child’s empty plates of knowledge will be filled with nourishment that only a school can

The early bird gets the bookworm

Reading is a function of everyday life. It’s a skill that will be exercised repeatedly and continuously throughout everything we do. Because of this we as students and parents undervalue the long term

3P Learning celebrates three GESS Award nominations

 We are extremely pleased to announce that 3P Learning has been shortlisted in THREE categories at the esteemed GESS Awards in Dubai. The GESS Awards are an annual event to celebrate outstanding success for suppliers and teaching professionals of the

Spotlight on the new live Spellodrome

One isn’t driven to improve until they are truly challenged. Competition is a platform that takes your abilities and puts them to the test. Making a student learn through cognitive exercises is great

Spotlight on Spellodrome’s Wordlist Games

The latest Spellodrome upgrade saw improvements to accessibility with iPad and tablet compatibility and a complete overhaul of the visuals and user experience. This includes updated word list games and more opportunities for your

Innovation for Australia: A step in the right direction

Yesterday Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull unveiled the government's $1.1 billion innovation package that will be rolled out over the next four years to promote business-based research, development and innovation. Pleasingly, Australia's falling maths and science

3P welcomes Australian PM

We always love a visitor so the team at 3P Learning were today pleased to welcome Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull to our Sydney office, one of our global network of bases, as part of a tour

WEG Video Challenge winner announced!

As part of this year's World Education Games, a new video competition was launched with participating schools encouraged to film and produce a short video to promote either the World Education Games or the accompanying

Winners of the 2015 School Prize Draw Announced

Drumroll, please! Over the past few weeks we have received an abundance of entries into the 2015 School Prize Draw where schools were given the chance to win a range of futuristic

3P Learning celebrates six BETT Award nominations

The entire global team at 3P Learning is excited to announce that we have been shortlisted in a record SIX categories at the prestigious BETT Awards in London. The BETT Awards are a celebration

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