It’s a three-way relationship between you, your child and their teacher. Successful parental engagement is continuous. Kids are born to learn, and parental engagement needs to start from infancy and be maintained throughout childhood and well into teenage years and early adulthood.

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We know being a parent can be hard and challenging that’s why our blog is fun, educational and interesting.

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Welcome to the family guide

This guide is designed to introduce you to the tools and reports available to help you support your child with Mathletics and/or Spellodrome.

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Parent Handbook

A handbook including everything from homework tips to a printable morning schedule.

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Value of the Week

We’ve teamed up with the Student Engagement Institute to bring you Value of the Week. As the name suggests, this engaging weekly program addresses values that are relevant in the lives of young people today. The online component of Value of the Week ensures the virtues learnt in the classroom are easily accessed and readily replicated at home. Get in touch with your child’s teacher about bringing Value of the Week to your school.

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