Parents as Partners

Gains in learning are most prominent when parents and school staff work together to facilitate a supportive learning environment at both home and school. With this in mind, we have developed a range of resources for both parents and teachers so that we can effectively progress parent-teacher relations in order to foster positive parental engagement that will improve student academic achievement, wellbeing and productivity.

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Evidence-Based Research

“Over 50 years of research links the various roles that families play in a child’s education- as supporters of learning, encouragers of grit and determination, models of lifelong learning, and advocates of proper programming and placements for their child.” – K. L Mapp (EdD) & P. J Kuttner

Parental engagement in learning and schooling: Lessons from research

This report provides a synopsis of the literature pertaining to parental engagement in at home and school. On the basis of the evidence in the literature, it identifies those approaches which have the greatest influence and impact on student outcomes. Given the clear benefits of positive parental engagement in student learning, by way of improved academic achievement, wellbeing and productivity, the report concludes that resourcing and effectively progressing parental engagement initiatives is warranted, if not essential to education reform and the future of Australia.

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Effective practice: Parents as Partners


All settings should develop effective partnerships with parents in order to enhance the learning and development of the children with whom they work. We are all learners from birth and it is usually our parents who first give us the confidence and motivation to explore the world around us and who continue to keep us learning and stretching the boundaries of our understanding.

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Personalised learning for all – are parents the missing key to closing the gaps?

One in five students will start school behind in learning in Australia this year and the major cause of this is their socioeconomic background. Often times when we think of personalised learning we think only of this group of students who are below average. However, this is not the only gap in Australian schooling. This article explores the position that personalised learning is for all students.

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National Numeracy Study


A recent independent academic study of more than 8,000 schools, looking into the impact of Mathletics on NAPLAN results, found a significant advantage in schools using Mathletics. Key findings show; that schools using Mathletics have performed consistently higher in NAPLAN, across Years 3, 5, 7 & 9 since 2008 – by up to 6.7%. The study also demonstrated that schools with longer-term usage (>2 years) saw an even greater jump in their results.

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Hot Topics for families

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Meet the Education Team

Delvene Neilson
Delvene NeilsonDirector of Education and mother
Like all parents, I wear many different hats by juggling the numerous roles of a mother, educator, wife, worker, daughter and friend. The list can be endless. Fortunately, my passion for learning and education seems to connect all of these facets of my life. A teacher by trade, I have spent much of my post university life teaching in schools in England, South Australia and Victoria, then venturing into some educational consultancy roles and now finding a unique place in 3P Learning.

It is in my most challenging role as a parent of a 6 year old daughter and 4 year old son, that I am constantly reminded of how amazing learning is. Their curiosity and energy to ask and understand inspires me. It inspires the work that I contribute to at 3P Learning which is all about keeping learning real, exciting and purposeful. My philosophy is that there should be no barrier to learning and I love exploring the endless possibilities. As a parent and educator it matters to me that my kids will always love to learn and I feel fortunate that I can help contribute to foster this in all families in my working role.

Cathy Quinn
Cathy QuinnParental Engagement Specialist
Cathy Quinn specialises in professional development for Principals, Teachers and Parents in the area of parental engagement in their child’s learning.

Cathy has devoted the past 10 years to research in the latest strategies on parental engagement and in particular meeting the Australian Professional Standard for Principals- “Engaging and Working with the Community”.

Cathy is a past principal of 10 years who decided to move out of the principal role and devote her time to bringing up her three children through their critical teenage years. During this time Cathy devoted her spare time to study and research in particular of “Parental Engagement in Schools” and has held ongoing consulting roles in schools over the past 10 years.

Tim Heinecke
Tim HeineckeStudent Engagement Guru
Tim Heinecke is Australia’s number one student engagement guru. Being a father to four school-aged children as well as having been a school teacher for more than 20 years gives him insights into better ways to inspire young people. Tim is the founder of the Student Engagement Institute and he has shown thousands of teachers and parents how to better engage children in their own educational journey.