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Top 10 Assessment Technique Tips

Throughout your child’s education, they will be required to write assessments to demonstrate what they have learned throughout the school year. This can be a very stressful time for students. Check out our top [...]

The importance of spelling for all aspects of learning

Communication skills are essential for a child to grow and interact successfully with the world. Communication usually begins with simple body language, gestures and vocalisations. As children progress to verbal communication, they naturally [...]

3 ways to help your child balance homework and free time

The afternoon of the first day of school can be a slippery slope for children if they’re not careful. Children may get caught in the difference between holiday free time and after school [...]

6 things you can do to assist your child with their schooling in 2017

Well it is that time when the joys of Christmas and New Year are fading and in the distance the return to school is looming.  In the spirit of New Year Resolutions, [...]

The impact of technology on our brain’s ability to learn

We live in a society powered by technology. Constant engagement with our smartphones, tablets, laptops and other internet-based technologies is swiftly becoming the norm. Research indicates that prolonged exposure to these devices is [...]

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Mathletics is the digital literacy resource used by over 5 million students across the world. Aligned to the Australian Curriculum with over 1,200 targeted practice activities, Mathletics engages students in maths.


Spellodrome is an award-winning learning resource that encourages students and rewards results – hugely popular with students, educators and parents alike.