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The impact of technology on our brain’s ability to learn

We live in a society powered by technology. Constant engagement with our smartphones, tablets, laptops and other internet-based technologies is swiftly becoming the norm. Research indicates that prolonged exposure to these devices is [...]

Winners of the School Prize Draw 2016

Over the past few weeks we've received many entries into the School Prize Draw, where schools have the chance to win some awesome tech gizmos and gadgets for their school. We're pleased [...]

Teaching for mastery

Driven by the demands of the school curriculum, the need to get through each topic in a set period can often force us to rush students through content. In an ideal world, all [...]

What can we learn from new changes to the Finnish education system?

It was recently announced that schools in Finland, a country that has often been recognised as a pioneer in the field of education, are implementing a major shift in their education system. Students [...]

12 additions to the dictionary that prove we’re definitely in 2016

Four times a year the Oxford English Dictionary is updated to keep up with the ever-changing English language. This includes revising existing entries and, of course, adding new words that Oxford deem [...]

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Mathletics is the digital literacy resource used by over 5 million students across the world. Aligned to the Australian Curriculum with over 1,200 targeted practice activities, Mathletics engages students in maths.


Spellodrome is an award-winning learning resource that encourages students and rewards results – hugely popular with students, educators and parents alike.