Mathletics and Japan

Mathletics has been hugely successful in improving maths results across Japan- with fantastic usage, improvement and engagement across the subscribed schools. The community is growing all the time, take a look at the schools within Japan already using Mathletics in their classrooms…

  • Tokyo International School
  • Nishimachi International School
  • Osaka International School
  • International School of the Sacred Heart
  • St Maur International School
  • Nagoya International School
  • Hokkaido International School, Sapporo
  • Okinawa Christian School International
  • Osaka YMCA International School
  • Yokohama International School
  • Aoba-Japan International School
  • Canadian International School
  • Tsukuba International School
  • Hokkaido International School Niseko
  • New International School

across Grade K-12 are currently subscribed to Mathletics across Japan


across Japan are currently subscribed to Mathletics


within Mathletics by students across Japan this year*


completed by students across Japan this year*

Improving results across Japan

Our education team obsesses about what engages students to motivate and build confidence. To demonstrate the impact of Mathletics, we conducted a study of the schools in Japan…

math results new york

On average, students using Mathletics in schools across Japan have improved their results by…

*Data based on student and teacher usage of Mathletics across Japan (Sept ’14 – Apr ’15)

Celebrating successes across Japan…


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Parents as Partners Program

Supported by 3P Learning

Gains in learning are most prominent when parents and school staff work together to facilitate a supportive learning environment at both home and school. 3P Learning wants to support schools with parent teacher communication. As a Mathletics school your parents can register to receive their child’s weekly report and much more.

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