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The Mathletics Lead Educator program is an initiative to recognise and support K-12 educators who are innovative leaders, integrating Mathletics technologies in the classroom. Our Lead Educators are ambassadors to their community, inspiring teachers with their passion for teaching with technology.

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Galal Al-Mohammedi – Seven Skies International, KL, Malaysia

English Teacher Galal Al-Mohammedi is enjoying his first year with Reading Eggs at Seven Skies International School in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Galan currently teaches English for grades 2-5, is Library Coordinator and as a Lead Educator drives Reading Eggs at his school. Having an MA in English Language and Literature, Galan has been teaching English literature in Yemeni universities for over 8 years. “Technology has impacted almost every aspect of life today, and education is no exception. It has begun to change the roles of teachers and learners where the model of the teacher as the “guide on the side” has students taking more responsibility for their own learning, using technology to gather relevant information.

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Jess Szalek – Hillsmead PS, Narre Warren, VIC

Jess Szalek brings her deep love of Mathematics and determination to keep mathematical learning engaging and exciting. Jess shares the key ways she supports mathematics. Working with the mathematics planners, she runs PD sessions reviewing student results and reports integrating a data driven teaching and learning approach. Jess supports teaches to review student progress through tracking student usage and data, to identify strengths and weaknesses, and use to identify individual and class weaknesses pointing to key areas for improvement.

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Niky Corfios – Beverley Hills Primary School, Doncaster East, VIC

Niky Corfios teaches at Beverley Hills Primary in Doncaster East in Victoria. She enjoys all aspects of education from the administration framework, to mentoring and educating students, and sharing with colleagues new educational concepts and ideas. Niky attributes successful online learning to the nexus between engagement, personalisation and education content, embracing the connection to students all around the world.

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Violet Nicola – Beverley Hills Primary School, Doncaster East, VIC

Violet Nicola’s role at Beverley Hills is as Education support administrator, assisting teachers across IT support including for their eLearning. Originating from South Africa, working at Beverley Hills Primary is a family affair. Her young son attends and both Violet’s parents teach at the school. Violet is clear that we never stop learning, oftentimes learning from the children that we teach.

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Sarah Warner – Birdsville State School, Queensland

Teaching Principal Sarah Warner teaches students from Kindy to Year 6 at Birdsville SS, a rural and remote school near the border of Queensland and South Australia. Sarah supports school numeracy goals with a clear strategy to plan, map, monitor and report progress of all students, over a 5 week cycle to show students’ growth.  This data is then used to inform her planning, whereupon she adjusts students according to their learning level, to either extend or support individuals. Sarah supports her community by ensuring each student has a Data Booklet to show case to parents and keep staff engaging students within learning.

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Michele Wilson – Redwood Park Primary School, South Australia

Assistant principal Michele Wilson, oversees Mathletics and other intervention programs at Redwood Park Primary School. Her role includes integrating the resource into her school and community by inservicing and providing professional training for colleagues. Her training has enabled teachers to successfully incorporate the resource into their classroom program and ensures that students can continue to build on their learning at home.

With 24 years experience in teaching, Michele derives her passion from seeing education making a difference to children. Observing students succeed and feel good about themselves along the way. As an educator, she recognises that knowledge and skills implementing and using IT are amongst key emerging trends to impact students. As a Lead Educator, Michele’s overriding goal is to ensure students enjoy school and remember school as a fun, safe place, that they enjoyed attending.

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Lisa Gooding – St Columba Anglican School, NSW, Australia

Lisa Gooding is a Year 4 class teacher 3 days per week and the K to 6 Director of Primary Curriculum for an independent Primary school of just over 520 students. Lisa is passionate about curriculum development and using the syllabus in an innovative and engaging manner to enhance student outcomes. She strongly believes in the teaching and learning of 21st century critical thinking and skills.

As a Mathletics Lead Educator, Lisa plans to continue to encourage primary school staff to use Mathletics as a learning tool, demonstration tool and to assist in a differentiated learning plan for each student.

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Kristie Mulholland – Beverley Hills Primary School, VIC, Australia

Kristie Mulholland currently teaches grade two students at Beverley Hills PS, having moved to Victoria from NSW. Kristie graduated from the University of Western Sydney in 2009 with a Bachelor of Early Childhood Studies and received her Master of Teaching in 2010.

Experienced in implementing the Australian Curriculum and promoting an inquiry approach to learning, Kristie has also implemented a variety of Literacy and Numeracy programs and ICT technologies. Her interests include programming and planning, assessing and reporting. Kristie has led Professional Development sessions for staff around both technology and sport.

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Michelle Lord – Wanniassa School, ACT, Australia

Michelle has worked with students who believe that maths is too hard and have displayed avoidance behaviours. After being provided with targeted intervention through in class activities, small group work and Mathletics tasks for consolidation, students display a higher level of engagement in maths and use the program at their own choice.

Michelle supports her colleagues through staff meetings, professional learning about the resources and supporting teachers through modelling and coaching.

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Merryn Whitfield – Bald Face PS, NSW, Australia

Merryn is passionate about engaging students in their learning and making it relevant for them. She’s also passionate about incorporating digital tools into her teaching. From her perspective it is all about the learning.

Merryn has been teaching since 1995 in a number of NSW public schools. Merryn is an educational blogger, involving the parents of her students in their learning as well as her wider school community.

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Michael Wales – Teacher, NSW, Australia

Michael sees his role as an educator clearly: to foster, develop and maintain the academic and social development of primary school-aged children through establishing and implementation of sound teaching and learning programs that aim to engage students at school. Michael is a primary teacher, and has been teaching for nearly two years.

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Laura Bell – American School of Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia

Laura is passionate about technology in education and about encouraging students to become life-long learners. Her goal is for students to enjoy the learning process and develop critical thinking. Her goal is for students to have an internal dialogue of questions and reactions. Laura believes that technology-driven education is the future of engaging students in the learning process.

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Emina Avdic – Woodridge North State School, Woodridge, QLD, Australia

Emina Avdic has been teaching for five years and currently takes a classroom of grade 6 students. Her key passion is making a difference in low SES schools. Moreover she is 2 years from completing her Masters of Inclusive Education and will use this to enhance her teaching and improve outcomes for students with special needs.

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Glenn Bruce – Marsden State School, Marsden, QLD, Australia

Glenn is a specialist teacher with a focus on the new Digital Technologies curriculum for P-6 students at his school, bringing a personal interest of iPads and online learning to his role. He is excited by the concept of mastery for students where the concept of ‘try till you succeed’ is reinforced. In teaching mastery, Glenn is instilling values and a work ethic in students.

Glenn is keen to develop his own learning, moving towards maker type tech and more robotics and coding. STEAM is where things are headed. He is also keen to take opportunities to share his learning with other teachers.

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Isabelle Millien – Heritage College, Narre Warren South, VIC, Australia

Isabelle Millien believes her role as an educator is to enable students to see their own potential. As part of her school’s professional learning requirements to establish three e-Learning goals for 2015, Isabelle identified the Mathletics Certification Pathway as her goal: to master Mathletics.

Isabelle offers support to her colleagues in sharing knowledge she has gained through Certification and other PD. The integration of technology into her lessons, creates flipped and blended learning opportunities. With a BYOD rollout planned for 2016, her school will be looking to maximise the integration of ICT into their classrooms, particularly with Isabelle’s knowledge of Google Classroom and other Google apps.

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Penelope Power – Albury Public School, Albury NSW, Australia

Penelope Power is a Year 5 teacher with over 23 years teaching experience. Bringing her passion for empowering learners by helping them to develop their skills, knowledge and curiosity, her goal is for students to achieve to their fullest potential, with the skills required for 21st Century learning.

She supports her colleagues with their professional learning with the aim to empowering teachers, who can then communicate this information to better empower parents.

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Shafia Ajmal – Minaret College, Springvale, VIC, Australia

As a Year 4 form teacher and Numeracy coordinator of Senior Primary at Minaret College, Springvale Campus in Victoria, Shafia Ajmal is passionate about creating independent learners. She has been focused in attaining her Mathletics Certification and has supporting her colleagues extensively as a Mathletics Lead Educator by providing support and co-ordinating PD generously.

She is active in differentiating learning for her students, integrating technologies including QR codes for students to access their tasks. She has worked to integrate Mathletics into the school’s numeracy program and she ensures that student success is regularly acknowledged to maintain and build engagement. Practising new research-based teaching pedagogies and implementing these in her teaching, is an important focus.

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Selina Goldsmith – Jeparit PS, Jeparit, VIC, Australia

Selina Goldsmith is a dynamic, motivated teacher currently enjoying senior primary, years 5 and 6, at Jeparit PS in rural Victoria. Selina has a strong interest in being involved in, and promoting, inclusive education, multicultural recognition, LOTE, music and performance arts. She designs balanced, innovative programs that encourage students to make a positive impact on their local and global communities within the scope of current curriculum frameworks and educational models.

Selina sees her role as an educator, to share her passion for lifelong learning in partnership with her students, colleagues and school community.

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Caroline Brades – Cottlesloe PS, Peppermint Grove, WA, Australia

Caroline appreciates the opportunity to take on a lead role in her school. Seeing children engaged and developing a ‘’love for learning’’ is what inspires her, together with a strong interest to integrate technology in the classroom. Caroline brings 20 years teaching experience to her role, currently as a Year 4/5 classroom teacher at Cottlesloe PS, but previously as a deputy principal. She leads curriculum differentiation and change throughout her school.

Caroline looks for classroom maths resources that are engaging and can be tailored to individual student levels and needs. As the school’s facilitator she provides professional development to new teachers and student teachers.

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Michael Smethurst – , Kingston Heath PS, Cheltenham, VIC, Australia

Michael Smethurst brings a passion for mathematics and the integration of ICT into all areas of learning at his school Kingston Heath PS.

As a Year 5/6 teacher, Michael integrates Mathletics into his mathematics program to enrich learning in my classroom by promoting formative and diagnostic teaching and learning. Having taught for 6 years, Michael’s passion for the power of positive thinking and believing is a strong influence in his teaching. He provides frequent professional development for colleagues keeping staff abreast of any updates and hosts sessions for Parent Information Sessions to share ideas on how they can support their children. As a Mathletics Lead Educator, Michael is active in celebrating his school’s success within his broader community.

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Friné Field – Trinity College, Gladstone, QLD, Australia

Frine see her role as educator to build into children’s lives, not only academically but socially and emotionally. To motivate their learning by providing excellent education, and equipping them to believe in themselves so that they can thrive. “I love the WOW moment when a learner reaches his own individual goal.”

Education is in the midst of a technological highway. Technology is already a big part of teaching, allowing learners to discover and learn. Frine supports her colleagues with professional learning and extends her support to her parent community providing feedback so they can become more engaged in their child’s learning. Friné is excited to see how Mathletics will evolve in the future and to be part of that evolution.

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Marissa Egan – Miami State School, QLD, Australia

Marissa is passionate about inspiring students to try their best, take control of their own growth and achieve their goals. In her role as a Year 5 Teacher and Year Level Coordinator at Miami State School in Mermaid Waters, her focus is in building students’ confidence in their own academic potential.

Marissa supports her colleagues through a Professional Learning Group that meets regularly presenting on Flipped Classroom approach, whole-term homework learning contracts, explicit problem solving and data analysis.

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Beverley Gwynne – Port Douglas State School, QLD, Australia

Beverley Gwynne has been teaching for 6 years and her passion in education is simple: students achieving their potential, and being happy learners who challenge themselves. As a classroom teacher at Port Douglas SS, Beverley came upon Mathletics when she was accepted the role of Mathletics Administrator for the school. Beverley’s classroom integration of Mathletics assists with their Curriculum into the Classroom (C2C) planning for the term, and 5 week focus. She informs her teaching by drawing class and student reports data around student strengths and weaknesses.

Support to colleagues is made available through Professional Development workshops at staff meetings and Beverley encourages Certification. As a Lead Educator she also provides regular updates on school usage. Beverley reflects on her recent achievement saying “Certification has given me new knowledge and insights into my role as the Mathletics Administrator. It has enriched both mine and the students learning in my class as we have explored the many areas on the website.

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Anne Austin – Waterford State School, QLD, Australia

Having spent almost three decades in teaching , mainly in the upper primary grades, Anne brings creativity to her class and beyond. She’s a passionate educator who believes in building independent learners through differentiation, engagement and reflection and recognition.  Anne supports school usage considerably creating motivators and rewards to encourage all students, not just high flyers.

As a Lead Educator, Anne supports colleagues at her school and has trained her class to mentor students while she mentors their teachers.   She finds it very satisfying to have students from all grades come up to her and tell her what they have achieved in Mathletics.

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Sharon Choi – Middlemount Community School, QLD, Australia

Year 1 teacher Sharon Choi loves teaching Early Years students – a stage when students connect the dots on how to read, solve problems and create friendships. Teaching in a small regional community in Northern Queensland, Sharon builds strong relationships between school and home. Student recognition is key to her classroom success. Sharon sees her role as an educator to provide engaging learning opportunities for life-long learning.

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Jaana Gray – St Columba Anglican School, NSW, Australia

Jaana has taught for 9 years and enjoys helping students develop skills for lifelong learning. Currently teaching Year 1, she recognises how important that students learn the foundations to set them up for their future learning believing that ‘students need the skills to live in an ever changing world’. The integration of technology is part of her classroom practice and by using the IWB as a teaching tool, she can explain concepts and then involve the class in practice activities. Jaana schedules schedule weekly laptop use for individual activity work and assessments and then hold regular class competitions, a favourite with her students. Regular recognition of student of the week with outstanding efforts, ensures students continue to be engaged and acknowledged. Jaana ran a popular Summer Mathletics Challenge through the holidays impressing students and their parents!

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Penelope Hobbin – Mirboo North PS, Victoria Australia

Penelope is passionate about providing each and every student with the skills to take them wherever they want to go in life. She does this by facilitating not doing. Penelope’s students very quickly learn to be independent and are encouraged to use their initiative and ‘think outside the square’.

Penny has been successful in facilitating Mathletics within her school during Staff Meetings and directly supports colleagues in their use of the program, using Mathletics as an assessment tool to support their evidence base for each of their students.

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Emmalee Lesleighter – Sherwood State School, QLD 

Emmalee Lesleighter began teaching in 2011 and currently takes a Year 6 class. Her school Sherwood State School has integrated Mathletics as part of their school wide maths program. Emmalee uses Mathletics both for differentiation and in guided lessons weekly to analyse activities students have difficulty with and then, using preview activity, work through misconceptions.

Emmalee would like to see Mathletics expand their bank of videos to include explicit lessons for problem solving and have activities which focus on explicit problem solving heuristics.

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Belinda Piggott – Capricornia School of Distance Education, QLD

Say hello to Belinda Piggott, one of our Mathletics Lead Educators from Queensland.

Belinda teaches in Queensland’s Capricornia School of Distance Education.  She has been at this school for 8 years currently teaching Year 5 and spent last year as a Pedagogical Coach.  The school has a dynamic community and Belinda finds it an exciting place to work being driven by great teachers and great technology.

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Amanda Attwal – Sherwood SS, QLD

Meet Amanda. She has been teaching for 4 years in Queensland.

Together with fellow Lead Educator Emmalee Lesleighter, Amanda provides professional development sessions with colleagues on using diagnostic assessments to define areas of mathematics where students require development and how results and reporting functionality can be used to track student numeracy progress.

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