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Coding with your kids

The digital age is here and with it comes rapid technological change. Data, information, processes and digital systems are advancing the way the world operates and it is vital that our children

An important technical update from 3P Learning

The blog post contains important information about changes to the technical requirements of 3P Learning products. Be sure your school's IT administrator is aware of these new requirements in order to continue to be

3P Learning celebrates fourth GESS Award win

We are extremely pleased to announce that 3P Learning has been named 'Multinational Company of the Year' at the esteemed GESS Awards 2016 in Dubai. The GESS Awards are an annual event to celebrate outstanding success for suppliers and teaching professionals

Science quiz for an IntoScience wiz

Campion and 3P Learning Partner in Secondary Education

At 3P Learning, supporting schools is one of our core organisational values. We make a promise to be there for all of our users and to deliver powerful resources that engage students

Quality Scientific entertainment

Entertainment and education are becoming more connected in helping children learn. See how science is becoming fun.

5 essential IntoScience teacher tips

Have you had the chance to explore all that IntoScience has to offer you, as a teacher? IntoScience provides unparalleled control for teachers allowing easier classroom management. To help you discover the possibilities of IntoScience's teacher functions

Science experiments for kids

7 Science experiments for kids Children are always looking up to adults and wishing for the things they're too young for. While adulthood is anticipated for the freedom of driving, physical change and

How can I start a makerspace at my school?

So, you've decided a makerspace might be something that your school could get behind. Great! Following are the steps to set up your school's very own innovation station. 1. Find your space Your first step to

Inspiring innovation with makerspaces

The world is not what it used to be – and I don’t mean that in a negative sense. Technology is rapidly changing how we live our lives. We have phones and

IntoScience version 1.8 is now live

At IntoScience, we are constantly working behind the scenes to bring students and teachers the best possible science resource we can. In saying that, we would like to announce that IntoScience version

A Student that is truly IntoScience

Being a student of science creates curiosity and discovery in everything. Science brings understanding and makes students see the world in a different light. Jessica Von Pein is the epitome of what a

3P Learning features in the Australian Government’s STEM Programme Index

The Office of the Chief Scientist has released the first national STEM Programme Index designed to introduce schools and parents to a wide range of programmes to help Australia's youth make a

3P Learning celebrates three GESS Award nominations

 We are extremely pleased to announce that 3P Learning has been shortlisted in THREE categories at the esteemed GESS Awards in Dubai. The GESS Awards are an annual event to celebrate outstanding success for suppliers and teaching professionals of the

A practical pain in the neck for students

Aim: What you do before throwing something Hypothesis: Wasn’t this some half-eagle, half-horse thing in Harry Potter? Variables: I was away the day they taught this Materials: What you make a dress

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