Mathletics and the Ellenbrook area

Mathletics has been hugely successful in improving maths results across the area – with fantastic usage, improvement and engagement across the subscribed schools. The community is growing all the time, take a look at the schools in the Ellenbrook area already using Mathletics in their classrooms…

Schools across the Ellenbrook area

subscribed to Mathletics…

  • Ashfield Primary School
  • Eden Hill Primary School
  • Greenmount Primary School
  • Herne Hill Primary School
  • Upper Swan Primary School
  • Kiara College
  • Ellenbrook Christian College
  • Ellenbrook Secondary College
  • Ellen Stirling Primary School
  • Aveley Primary School

across Grades K-12 are currently subscribed to Mathletics across the area


across the Ellenbrook area are currently subscribed to Mathletics


within Mathletics by students across the Ellenbrook area this year*


completed by students across the Ellenbrook area this year*

Improving results across the area

Our education team obsesses about what engages students to motivate and build confidence. To demonstrate the impact of Mathletics, we conducted a study of the schools in the Ellenbrook area…

On average, students using Mathletics in schools across the Ellenbrook area have improved their results by…

*Data based on student and teacher usage of Mathletics across the area (Jan ’15 – May ’15)

Give your students the Mathletics Advantage.

A recent independent study has verified students using Mathletics have a 9% advantage in external assessments.

“The results show that using Mathletics has a highly significant impact on the attainment of students in the NAPLAN test. Students in all cohorts benefit and gain the greatest benefit when they use it over a number of years.

There is a 100 percent likelihood that the schools who use Mathletics achieve higher results than schools that do not.”

Dr. Tony Stokes.


We’re here to help schools in WA…

Mathletics is designed to suit the diverse range of needs for schools all across Australia. Find out how Mathletics can support your school.


Celebrating successes across the Ellenbrook area


Mapped to the Australian Curriculum

Following the Australian Curriculum in your school? We’ve got you covered. Targeted, adaptive and engaging content ideal to meet the standards of the Australian Curriculum. Not following an official curriculum in your school? Not a problem. Mathletics also includes a great Course Creator tool.

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Parents as Partners Program

Supported by 3P Learning

Gains in learning are most prominent when parents and school staff work together to facilitate a supportive learning environment at both home and school. 3P Learning wants to support schools with parent teacher communication. As a Mathletics school your parents can register to receive their child’s weekly report and much more.

Keep track of your child’s progress

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