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3P Learning Certification supports teachers’ professional learning by validating their expertise with our learning resources while empowering teachers to transform classroom teaching and learning.


“Teacher certification has impacted teaching and learning at my school as it has opened up the huge variety of resources Reading Eggs has to offer so we are able to provide students with a fun and interactive resource when it comes to reading. Being certified means I am able to assist educators and students with Reading eggs and promote it to the school community. I believe educators would benefit from becoming certified as it provides you with a deeper understanding of the resource which not only benefits them but the students too.”

Amy Williums, St Joseph’s School, Queens Park, WA

Imagine being given an awesome present. It has shiny wrapping, it looks awesome. You unwrap it and stare in amazement. You can’t believe what your eyes are seeing, but then it dawns on you. I have no idea how to use this new tool I have been given. This certification is like someone giving me the keys to use a tool I have and use with my class, but never really knew the full benefit of what I had been given. Until now that is!”

Russell MacKenzie, Newstead Christian School, Launceston, TAS

“My goal in teaching is to develop my leadership skills. The Lead Educator Certification has allowed me to see Mathletics for its true potential and give support to other teachers in my school who are using Mathletics.”

Isabelle Millien, Heritage College

“Certification was valuable to me personally as it help me lead the implementation of Mathletics across the school.  I am now supporting 3 teachers as they begin certification. It is benefiting our students as teachers become more confident with integrating Mathletics into their teaching.”

Anthony Tait, Caledonian PS

The Certification Pathway

The Certification Pathway guides teachers through initial implementation of 3P Learning resources in the classroom, through to integration and culmination in Lead Educator classification. Certification is offered for both Mathletics and Reading Eggs and is designed to acknowledge educators and schools who are championing elearning in their classrooms and school.

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