Spellodrome for teachers - Help

Need some help with Spellodrome? We’re here for you.

However you use Spellodrome, we’re here to make sure you get the most from the resource in your classroom. Looking to get started? Need a quick tour? You’ll be an expert in no time.

Explore the Spellodrome interface for students

Word lists come alive with a range of spelling games, activities and interactive tools – plus the famous Live Spellodrome.

Download our guide to the student interface. A handy one-page interface map is also available.

Spellodrome for teachers - Help
Download a guide to the student interface
View a map of the student console

Explore the Spellodrome interface for teachers

The Teacher Console is a powerhouse of tools, reports and resources to reduce workload, because we believe teachers should be empowered to teach.

Download a guide to the tools available for teachers, as well as a great Quick Start guide to holding your first Spellodrome lesson.

Spellodrome for teachers - Help
Download a guide for teachers
Hold your first lesson
View a map of the teacher console

GOT A QUESTION? Why not check out our FAQs section! Click here.

Supporting your students… and their parents

We believe parents and guardians are a key part of the learning process.

Spellodrome parent reports provide valuable insights into a child’s progress. Sending families a letter about the implementation of Spellodrome in your classroom and how they can receive reports is a brilliantly way to facilitate home-school communications. We’ve even written you the letter to send home…

Extra Spellodrome practice at home can make all the difference in a child’s maths progress.

Spellodrome for teachers - Help
Download a letter for parents

Got a question? Want to learn more?

No problem. You local Spellodrome school support team are experts in their field and always happy to help, answer questions or support you in getting the most from your school’s Spellodrome subscription.

Contact your local Spellodrome team